How OSI Industries Has Helped Other Food Giants

Thousands of families around the world are being fed a OSI Industries Inc. food diet, but aren’t even aware. Their diet is based on organic ingredients which adhere to the strict rules of the food processing industry. Government regulations exist to ensure the safety of the general public including public disclosure. Do you wonder what’s in your diet or where it comes from? OSI has their ingredients and the nature of where their food comes from directly in their website. They were also one of the first to answer to a stabilized food processing industry while their competitors were reluctant to do so.

Recent News On OSI Industries

Their company milestone includes a 20 year milestone in China. Their COO, Sheldon Lavin says, their international expansion efforts are important to growth portfolio. OSI was one of the first food processing plants to see the value in the EU market. They will now, proudly lead one of the largest food processing plants in Europe under the deal. The deal walk be worth an estimated $7 million dollars. They will operate their major food processing facility and process their pie fillings and table food condiments under their executive leadership at OSI.

OSI Industries is a popular Zurich, Illinois, American food processing plant. Their company is estimated to be worth $60 billion dollars and currently growing. They process hot dogs, frozen poultry, pie/sandwich filling, dessert, food condiments, and organic vegetables. They’re currently partners in the Dutch market under their Baho deal and have helped business growth. OSI would also like to expand their organic vegetables to an Indian market. They’re committed to successful business relations like those in relation to the United States and Asia. Their recent milestone included a 20 year anniversary in China.

You can find many unique career opportunities with OSI Industries directly on their website. Would you like to work in an executive position overseas? Do you have skilled labor experience? OSI presents an opportunity for each of their employers to give their best each day while ensuring the safety of the general public. You can also participate in career advancement opportunities within their corporation. They give you an exciting opportunity to come to work each day. OSI Industries Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and encourages all qualified applicants to apply. Learn more about their food industry network by visiting their descriptive website for more details.

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An Overview of Awards and Honors Sheldon Lavin Have Received

Sheldon Lavin holds the office of CEO and Chairman of the OSI group. The OSI Group, headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, is a private owned company that handles processing of meat and wholesale catering services. He went into the meat processing business about 47 years ago after making a turnaround from being an investor and executive in the field of banking and started his own financial consulting firm. When he came to the OSI group, the McDonald’s Centric bugger supply was trivial, but he managed to turn it into an international food supplier. Sheldon Lavin’s accounting and finance academic background and experience he got from Financial Institute, allowed him to enter a new level of OSI.

Sheldon Lavin has also taken an active role in several charitable organizations. The most well-known charities, in this case, include the Ronald McDonald House philanthropic organizations, the Chicago Inner City Foundation, the Multiple Sclerosis Society, the Chicago Boys and Girls Clubs, the Jewish United Fund and many other Jewish charities, and the United Negro College Foundation and many more. These charitable organizations are proof of the philanthropy of Lavin. Sheldon Lavin also obtained several awards and participated in many services. These include the Trustee for Charities Ronald McDonald, a member of the Board of the Rush University Medical Center, a member of the Board of the Goodman Theater, the President and Director of the Sheba Foundation and many more.

Vision World Academy from India awarded Sheldon Lavin the Global Visionary Award early 2016. This was done as a credit of his improbable achievement in placing the OSI Group on a global stage, which allowed creating jobs around the world. The Global Visionary award is awarded to the creative thinker in different fields who have managed to turn their dreams into reality by persevering to attain their objectives. This award is given over the past five years.

OSI Group has been given many awards, after Lavin became its Chief Executive Officer. These include rewards for health management, environmental management, and security risks. Some awards include the “Golden Globe 2016” of the British Safety Council, awarded by OSI Food Solutions UK for its risk management strategies. OSI Group was also awarded an environmental award on November 25, 2016. His further role in the world of business, as well as charity, is likely to bring more honors and credit at both the national and international levels. The future holds great things in the favor of this businessman.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden: Great Surgeon, Great Person

It is one thing to be a great plastic surgeon. That is doing a great service for many people out there and it is quite special. That is nothing to sneeze at and that is nothing to overlook in the grand scheme of things. However, it is even more special when the person is a great person like Dr. Jennifer Walden. She is as great of a person as she is a surgeon, which really says something, because she is fantastic and everyone loves her. One of the attributes about her that really stands out is her authenticity. In reading interviews with her and seeing her on television, it is easy to see how real she is and how authentic she is.

There is not a phony bone in her bone. She is also an inspiration to women all over the world that are truly looking to do something special with their lives, no matter what their line of work is or what they are looking to do. Again, she is a great person, but she is also a tireless worker. She knows that anything in this life worth having comes with a cost. The cost is hard work and she works hard but she also works smart. She makes sure to make time for her children.

She also makes time for all of her patients that come into her office. She wants them to leave feeling like they had a great time with a great surgeon. They also have a plan in place. She never puts pressure on anyone to make a decision right then and right there. She allows them to decide for themselves what is the best course of action and what is going to work for them. She even tells them to take some time, think it over, and sleep on it.

After all, when it comes to plastic surgery, it is not something that someone can just do out of the blue without giving it careful thought and consideration. They need to make sure they really want to do it. One thing they can feel at ease about: if they decide to do it, they are in great hands.


Eric Lefkofsky: Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist

Eric LefKofsky is given to making the world a better place through philanthropic interests and entrepreneurial endeavors. Currently, his interests are centered around coordinating data sets to aid in the treatment of cancers. He and his wife are members of Pledge Giving, and also created the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. It is estimated about one-half of their annual wealth is marked toward philanthropic causes.

Lefkofsky’s family foundation has some of the following initiatives as its focus: the arts, medicine, education and basic human rights. Lefkofsky is on several boards of human interest in the Chicago area. His net worth is estimated to be $2 billion USD.

Eric Lefkofsky is co-founder, of numerous venture capital marketplace firms. These include Lightbank, Media Ocean, Groupon where he is also chairman and Tempus, which is his current interest and where he serves as CEO. Moreover, Lefkofsky is a graduate of the University of Michigan. A recent article at  details  Tempus acquiring access to a sizeable clinical oncology patient database called CancerlinQ. It contains treatment results from over 500,000 patient records. In a partnership extending for 10 years with CancerlinQ and another company, Precision Health AI, Tempus teams will look for patterns to reveal those treatment protocols that are more effective in addressing cancers. Lefkofsky voices optimism and anticipates this collaboration to touch an estimated 30 percent of cancer patients in the coming year.

Tempus has partnerships with about fifty hospitals and clinics across the US. These include the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Duke University Medical School, and the Knight Cancer Institute at Ohio State University. The challenge according to the Tempus Board of Governors Chairman is to compile the medical records into a structured format. Most facilities previously utilized data collection methods unique to their operation. The goal is to have previous patient data influence the treatment outcome received by patients currently undergoing protocols.

The Brown Agency Has A Vision For Models

When we think about the modeling world, most people imagine it to be a stuffy place filled with egocentric personalities, but this isn’t the reality of the Brown Agency. When Justin Brown created his modeling agency, he wanted to find models who were determined to make their dreams come true but didn’t know where to start. He would give these models the direction they needed to keep on the right track and they would eventually find a way to make something of themselves. It seems that he has fulfilled this dream.

Fashion is always going to be the ultimate target for most models. The runway is glamorous and a source of fame for those who seek it. The Brown Agency offers its clients this exact option in strides whenever they want it. The gigs they’ll be working our for some of the most respect fashion lines around today with some of the biggest names in fashion watching them in order to decide whether or not they’ll be suited for the tasks expected of them. The challenge of making it big in fashion is a steep one, but models who are determined can easily come out on top. That’s more than can be said for those working with less reputable modeling agencies.

Unfortunately, modeling is generally perceived as a coastal business. When people think of models, they think of LA and New York. This doesn’t have to be the case anymore and Brown has made one of the first moves in expanding the geography of modeling. He has opened up a modeling agency in Austin, Texas with the intention of giving aspiring models there the chance to make their dreams come true. Few people believed what he wanted to do was possible, but it’s hard not to see how Texan models want to fulfill their dreams. Others are likely to follow his move. Check out

The Brown Agency wants its models to understand that there is more to modeling than fashion runways. They offer models the chance to enter commercial modeling and to get involved in more lucrative endeavors. This separates the Brown Agency from so many others who limit their models and decide what they should and should not be doing. Here, models are free to choose exactly what they want to be and how they want to expand their future. Models can go from Justin Brown and into a countless array of better options. This isn’t going to stop any time soon either. Instead, the agency will simply find more ways to expand itself and to offer more people a chance to follow their dreams. Now, the Brown Agency celebrates its success as it heads towards the future with even greater ambitions.

End Citizens United Protects The Johnson Amendment

Elections are essential in any nation as they enable the citizens to exercise their rights under the democracy. Through the process, citizens are offered a chance to select a person whom they feel is suitable to represent them in Congress. In the latest elections that were carried out in the United States of America, Donald Trump was elected to be president amid controversy that was associated with the polls.

Critics believe that the process was filled with irregularities due to the interference of the campaigns by outside parties. Russia has been thoroughly investigated due to the suspicion of its involvement in swaying the entire process to favor the victory of Donald Trump. On the other hand, Republicans are not resting, and they are preparing for the forthcoming elections where they intend to ensure that it is one of their own who will end up taking the seat of presidency.

To ensure that their plans bear fruits, they are doing away with some of the crucial campaign statutes were developed to ensure that elections are free and fair. In 2010, through the Citizens United ruling, Republicans succeeded in passing a law that allowed multi-national organizations to offer their finances to prospective individuals who wanted to take up positions of leadership within the country. The move was highly opposed by End Citizens United, but even now, the Republicans intend to mess up with the campaign system further.

While the rights of participation in campaigns were only allowed to organizations that were paying taxes, Republicans want to convince the Supreme Court to allow Non-Governmental Organizations and churches to participate in the electioneering process. As much as this seems to be a far-fetched idea, it will soon become a reality once Donald Trump and his close associates manage to put people who will rule in their favor at the highest court in the United States.

Recently, Donald Trump signed an order that was meant to cripple the Johnson Amendment. The Johnson amendment was intended to ensure that churches are never allowed to be part of any political process as they would become money minting machines. Every action that has been undertaken at Congress in the recent past points to the total annihilation of the Johnson Amendment that was brought forward by Lyndon Johnson.

End Citizens United has been working hard to tackle every move that is made by Republicans, and it recently released a press indicating that it strongly opposes actions that are meant to destroy the fabric that helps to bind the entire society together. Politicizing religious activities will break apart the churches, and this will only be done to satisfy the wishes of the few greedy politicians. Additionally, tax exempted money will end up dripping into the society, and such a situation will make it difficult to keep track of what is legitimate and what is illegal.

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End Citizens United Works to Protect Johnson Amendment

Religious organizations in the United States have long been restricted from donating to political campaigns based on their 501(c)3 tax exemption status. This condition was codified by the Johnson Amendment of 1954, being named after the Texas Senator who eventually became president following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The law is intended to further apply the loose guarantee in the U.S. Constitution that states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or the right to practice thereof,” commonly referred to as the establishment clause. The Johnson Amendment actually further enhanced restrictions on the separation of church and state. That amendment is now under attack in the U.S. Congress, albeit a silent and buried attack. Read more to know more.

Congress can be a stealth operation when they want to pass self-serving legislation. They understand that attempting to pass a clean bill in this regard would bring too much public attention to the augmentation of a long-established requirement of conditional allowance of the tax exempt status. What they have buried into a massive piece of legislation in a camouflaged legislation rider is that all religious organizations will be free to contribute to Congress member campaigns just like for-profit organizations. The ridiculous allowances associated with the obvious incorrect interpretation of the organic Constitution will now be given to religious organizations as well as profitable corporations. All other 501(c) 3 non-profits will still be restricted.

This means that the patriots at the End Citizens United PAC will now have another issue to battle regarding the judicial decision that has turned the U.S. election campaign donation process into an absolute bribery system. Congress is obviously an equal opportunity beggar when it comes to accepting contributions from any organization, with this move being another sliver of quiet change that will further embellish the campaign coffers of the self-centered governing body.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that was established in 2011 following the U.S. Supreme Court decision to allow corporations rights of personhood regarding campaign contributions. Th organization is still in full operation and focused on maintaining public awareness of congressional actions that further erode the intentions of the Founders at the establishment of the United States and the application of the U.S. Constitution of 1789.

End Citizens United is led by attorney James Bopp. The organization was initially restricted from airing a documentary on national television concerning the international activities of Hillary Clinton. The show was denied by the Federal Election Committee based on the notion it was essentially a 90-min campaign ad against Clinton. Bopp argued that the documentary was no different from a typical journalistic report from any national network news magazine and should be allowed First Amendment protection. That denial led to the formation of the End Citizens United campaign that now has another constitutional issue to fight in holding Congress accountable for their secretive actions. Visit:


Logan Stout: IDLife

IDLife is attempting to personalize nutrition. 70% of men and 65% of women are overweight in the United States. Obesity may be seen as a look of sorts but health problems can arise from the scenario. Being overweight can impact your life, relationships, jobs, and day-to-day functioning. Obesity increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis and cancer. IDLife is a revolutionary health and wellness company which attempts to tailor custom made solutions to the individual. IDLife has an understanding of how nutritional supplements are designed as a one-size-fits all approach, which may not always work for some individuals. ID Life is different from other companies in four major ways such as providing targeted nutrition options, high quality ingredients, backed by scientific proof, and retaining a focus on personalized nutrition recommendations using non-GMO, hormone-free, gluten-free, and soy-free ingredients.

Logan Stout is an entrepreneur, businessman, mentor, and former athlete. Stout has a talent with helping others break barriers that make them procrastinate success. He also has an interest in nutrition and health. Nutrition provides an athlete with stamina so that the athlete is functional. The key to IDLife is to target an individuals’ health needs based on specific products that fit in with the person’s goals and lifestyle.

Stout has written a book called “Stout Advice”, published in 2013, which got mentioned on Shark Tank. There is also a weekly newsletter of the same name, which is marketed to business associates, baseball players, mentees and followers who stay on track to pursue dreams. Stout was once a professional baseball player. He regularly mentors other players, taking great pride in their achievements. He is an honorary chair of the American Heart Association of North Texas. He is also a member of the Boys and Girls Club, as well as a keynote speaker and a leadership trainer. Stout helps others build leadership skills.

His partner is Inc. Magazine’s Most Popular Leadership Expert in the World, John C. Maxwell, whose goal it is to bring leadership to all 196 countries in the world. Besides being a motivational speaker, Stout is the founder and CEO of the Dallas Patriots, which focuses on mentoring baseball players. He has appeared in Philadelphia Life Magazine, The Dallas Morning News, The New York Times, and more types of print as well as live media. He has been on CBS Radio, The Fan, The Ticket, FOX, being named “Man of the Year” by Philadelphia Life Magazine.

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Securus Technologies Efforts in Controlling Crime

At Securus Technologies we are the leading providers of criminal and civil justice technology solutions. Our products help in public safety, monitoring, investigations, and corrections. We work on making sure the clients receive what they ordered. Our professional staffs encourage customers to rate our services for use to identify areas that require amendment. Outlined below are comments from people who have used our technological mechanism to prevent and solve crimes.


Richard Smith, chair, and CEO of Securus Technologies revealed our efforts of developing a new service to help corrections and law enforcement officials to avoid and resolve crimes. Smith talked about the thousands of emails and letters we receive regarding our products and its impact on the safety of users. People who benefit from the package include families, inmates, and parolees. We are dedicated to protecting all our consumers.


Customer Comments


A user reported how we assisted them in a case to find the corrupt employee. Our experts were able to access information from their phone call and acquired a search warrant. The employee is now in the police custody. Phone calls to and out of the rehabilitation facility were monitored, and the inmate was found guilty. Correctional facilities rely on these technology solutions provided by the firm to improve the public safety in the jurisdiction. Law enforcers use the LBS software to recover illegal assets, money, and drugs. The application makes it easy to use when solving these items.


About Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies has head offices in Dallas, Texas. We serve around 3,450 law enforcers, correction, and the public safety agencies. Our service targets the 1,200,000 inmates in North America. We are committed to connect and serve by offering emergency response, general information, biometric analysis, information management, and investigation. We seek to make the world safer through connections with matters. Competitors and customers are invited to visit our technology center in Dallas.


End Citizens United Supports Huffington Post Article Findings

A recent article posted to Positive the Facts discussed a piece done by Huffington post regarding the ease with which foreign nationals are able to circumvent the election laws of the United States. The group End Citizens United believes that there are many valid points made by the Huffington Post article and that the continued revelations of Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential race may be the staunchest evidence of how desperate the U.S. is in need of sensible election reform.

The Huffington Post article points out that is was very easy for the Russians to influence the presidential election process because a system of allowance, and a culture of complacency has been fostered by those on the right. This allowed a company which has clear ties to the Kremlin to buy political ads and to also undertook the use of bots on social media to heavily influence voters for the benefit of their preferred candidate Donald Trump. The use of foreign money in the U.S. election process is forbidden, but that does not stop backdoors, loopholes, and underhanded dealings from allowing it anyway. It has been determined that through various means Russia was able to illegally spend more than $100,000 on a digital ad campaign to wrongfully discredit Hillary Clinton and her political allies. The use of fake news propaganda, targeted ads, social manipulation and other tactics subsequently allowed a billionaire with no experience and his circle of friends to seize control of the government despite clear indicators that the election was not up to par.

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End Citizens United, or ECU stands by the belief that the United States’ most important and precious freedom is the value of one person, one vote, and that government should be based on the premise that all citizens have an equal say. They fight the idea that the size of one’s bank account is a merit to the value that they have in the choosing of the country’s governance.

In addition, ECU believes that it is time for responsible and effective gun control law reform, campaign finance reform, election security reform, and most of all ending the authoritarian control that has been handed to ultra-conservative right-wing politicians by the special interest group Citizens United. As a Political Action Committee or PAC, End Citizens United is able to challenge the injustices that are done by others who would manipulate and cajole the American democratic process to their own means and gains.

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