Fan Inspired Success

Pittsburgh loves its Steelers and proud to show it too. Fashionable sports wear, launched on the Steelers Pro Shop website, is worn by the football faithful any day of the year. Whether it is game day, casual Friday in the office, or even random get-togethers you will always see a Steelers logo and “kellers” (colors). Quarterbacked by Susan McGalla, who works for the Pittsburgh Steelers as Director of Strategic Planning, the new line of licenced gear has seen fun variations and tongue-in-cheek slogans added to classic designs. There is no denying that Susan’s experience in fashion and marketing as the President and CMO of American Eagle and CEO of Wet Seal, provided the insight to include the female fan in hot pink jerseys and blinged out t-shirts. Introduced to the Steelers family in January 2015, she wasted no time in developing a new line of products, and relaunched the merchandise website in time for the 15/16 season. Featured on a CBS report, where the display table overflowed with Terrible Towels and other items available on the site, Susan McGalla highlighted that the products are for women as well as the guys across the Steelers nation. Some of the lines even include the popular Victoria’s Secret brand “Pink”. McGalla can be described on ireport as a protagonist for women in leadership roles, having risen through the ranks to become the boss, and has started her own consulting company P3 which provides strategic marketing advice across a range of industries. Speaking to PR Newswire, Susan comments on the evolution of the workplace to include women as professionals above anything else. “The glass ceiling” an antiquated barrier for women who want to succeed, seemingly did not affect her. Facing her career goals head-on and not being subject to gender dominated prejudices, allowed Susan to earn the respect and promotion of her peers. Susan now lives in Pittsburgh with her husband and 2 kids and better be Steelers fans by now!

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