One San Francisco Lawyer Is Making Compliance Officers Understood

The nature of business today sees companies grow and appeal to clients beyond existing geographical borders. It has to do with the globalization effect and the world seemingly shrinking into an online village. Multinational companies have therefore emerged, and they operate across all continents.

Most multinationals originate from the United States of America. Locally, they have to operate within federal and state laws as demanded. Likewise, they have to adjust to other cultures, laws and policies set by their host nations internationally. Therefore, we observe the presence of regulatory measures that firms must adhere.

Having said that, we also take note of the need to have a department or overseer whose primary job is to make sure that an organization complies with all regulations. Internally, an organization structure expands as it penetrates new markets around the world. Still, someone has to make sure ethical business practice takes place. The person with such mandate in a firm today is referred to as a compliance officer.

In the U.S, the professional body these agents operate under is known as the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics. Its director attests to the growing relevance of compliance functions and practitioners in multinationals today. Two decades ago, the profession had just a handful of trained people.

This field offers professionals the fastest way to advance career wise as well as contribute to sustainable business practice. It involves the enlightenment, investigation, audit and assessment of risks. An officer, therefore, becomes a problem fixer, disciplinarian, and ambassador of ethics. Indeed, we can say the rules have always been there without a professional to ensure compliance.

In every growing sector lie dedicated professionals who define its practice. Helane Morrison takes the crown of one of the pioneering compliance agents. She has a very decorated career in Legal practice and Journalism. Her expertise emerges from years in private law practice and her administration stint at the Securities and Exchange Commission.

According to, Helane now forms an integral piece of the management at Hall Capital LLC. When one combines the duties of managing director, Legal counsel and Chief Compliance Officer they must be knowledgeable and indispensable. Helane acts as a role model not only to aspiring youths but also women across America.
Helane’s excellence in all her endeavors makes her a popular and highly sought after. She got her Law Degree from the University of California. Before this, she studied Journalism at the Northwestern University.

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