Meet the investment genius Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian legend in the banking and investment sector. Before going on retire on, he was a successful banker and investor running the biggest banking institutions in Brazil. He continues to be a banking and investment consultant as well as advisor. Using his great experience and knowledge about the money and stock market he continuous his investment dream through the Bainbridge group.

He has gained so much experience in the stock exchange that despite its volatility, he can accurately predict the outcome of the stocks. Igor Cornelsen on imgfave continues to deliver key economic advice about investments to the banking class and young entrepreneurs. In his publications some of the very key commentaries and advice are summarized below.

Investments take time to mature into meaningful returns and profits
According to Igor Cornelsen most people want investments that give the returns very soon. He clearly outlines that if you want high returns from small investments then time must be invested as well. He argues that investments behave in such a way to chase away those that seek quick money. High interest returns of up to 600 percent can be realized by patiently waiting and taking time to study the market trends. Time is an asset that cannot be overlooked when it comes to profit realization.

Find means of investment to obtain passive income
Igor Cornelsen argues that time is the ever diminishing resource. It is therefore wise to invest such that you still can earn even in a squeezed time schedule without having to compromise things such as sleep and health. Invest in stocks or governments that allow you to earn returns even when you are sleeping or sick.

Overvalued currency in Brazil discourages investors
Cornelsen further argues that the government of Brazil by overvaluing their currency has caused major problems for the country as the export trade becomes less profitable and the local businesses suffer due to competitive imports. He displays a need to systematically devalue the currency to create a conducive environment for local industries and investors to have easy profitable trade.

The new minister may change the economic face of Brazil
Igor argues that president’s Dilma Roussef ideas are just populist and they are bound to fail and not help Brazil’s economic situation. He cites the example of the new economic matrix policy which has experienced total failure. He points out that there is hope as the newly appointed minister of finance, Mr. Levy, having great education in economics and experience in economic institutions of re-known repute could change the policies of the country.

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