George Soros Seen as Security Threat

Due to recent events concerning Russia and the Ukraine, Russia has determined that George Soros’s foundation is a security threat to Russia. This is actually seen as an appalling move by the Open Society Foundation which was founded by George Soros himself. The foundation has express dismay at the decision to ban the foundation. Russia has followed through on ts ban by burning books related to George Soros‘ foundation. Given all that is happening in regards to Russia, George has released a statement expressing his confidence that Russia is making a temporary mistake and is perhaps acting on a misunderstanding that will soon be corrected.

One thing to consider is that when looking at all of the issues surrounding the EU and the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, it is quite possible that the Russian President Vladimir Putin has some other motives that are not quite in line with the best interests of others. There have been sanctions put forth on Russia because of its actions. President Putin has also managed to use the situation in order to persuade his people to his side. Meanwhile, there is a lot of tension going on between Ukraine and Russia as there are many acts of aggression on account of the new reform.

The Ukraine is definitely going to need all the help it can get to not only survive the aggression of Russia, but to also implement the new reform that is needed in order to improve the relationship within the EU. The EU definitely needs the new reform in order to prevent its demise. The original strategy that needed the allies of Ukraine to ban together and do whatever it takes to help the Ukraine has missed a deadline when it came to an extension of the sanctions on Russia.

There is another opportunity at the end of the year where the European Union could put forth a sanction on Russia with the plan to reduce the sanction if Russia fulfills the Minsk agreement. One thing that will do is put forth a great chance for the success of the Ukraine because there will be a material reward for Russia in order to keep out of the Ukraine and honor the Minsk agreement. However, the economy of Russia is undergoing its own pressure due to the weakness of oil prices. There has also been a decline in the production of oil.

There have been a lot of improvements in the prospects of the Minsk agreement. There is hope tat things will turn around for the EU. Among the issues that have been contributing to this is the fall of the production of oil. This is a sign that the sanctions are taking effect to the Russians. To top it off, there is a lack of spare parts that is actually speeding up the depletion of the oil fields that are in existence. Russian is in need of having these sanctions lifted so that they can produce more oil.



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  1. Miles ahead of some people, sometimes they see the wrong people as a threat but it depends on what threat is there. Although make the point to have some really great development and how the community can change. His might just be an ideal but the ones that has appealed to many the most has been equity and freedom which is great attribute too.

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