Investing Wisely With Igor Cornelsen

I have never been one for putting my investments on autopilot. I like to know what is going on. It is important for me to have some type of knowledge of where my money is going. I learned about the importance of this from Igor Cornelsen. This is a principle that he believes in, and I think that it applies to anyone that is really serious about investing.

In all my years as an investor I have never come across someone that has made as much sense as Igor Cornelsen makes. He is a valuable source of knowledge even though many people have never heard of him. I like the fact that Igor has become a pioneer in telling people about the things that they should not do. That is what so many of the so called investment “gurus” forget to tell new investors.

With Igor it is more about the preventive maintenance in the investing world. I believe the he has become successful because he knows about the traps that one needs to avoid. His notion to cease putting your stocks on autopilot is just one theory that he has about successful investing. Another logical theory that he implements that most other investors overlook is the concept of avoiding the damaged companies. There are some companies that may look like sound investments, but Cornelsen warns of the companies that have no real structure.

I had never given this any thought before. I have seen companies fall apart, but I never considered all the people that were investing in these companies before these companies failed. Igor Cornelsen warns on Facebook of looking out for those types of organizations that have damaged stocks. He notes that there are some companies that have rough periods, but these companies have the ability to turn things around. There are other companies, by contrast, that cannot be repaired. These are the ones that people have to avoid.

In all of my years as an investor I believe that Cornelsen has been the most helpful of all the investment experts. He has taken me to a new level of awareness about stocks that I have never had before. It has been a lot easier for me to embrace his concepts because the logic is there. I don’t have to think a lot about what he is saying. It just makes sense. He has principles that you can see the benefits of before you even put any of his concepts into action. Oddly, these are just commonsense principles that most people have never thought of. That is part of the reason that most investors fail. They try to get involved in a lot of things that aren’t commonsense principles.