Re/Max Will Face Tough Competition in NYC

The Re/Max real estate leasing, sales, and brokerage firm is one of the best known firms in the United States. The company is based in Denver, CO, has over 100,000 employees across the world, and has been an industry leader for over 40 years. While Re/Max is a leader in many major markets across the country, it has not been too competitive in New York City.

While Re/Max has not been too involved in the NYC real estate market over the past few years, it appears that the country is ready to invest more heavily in the city. Re/Max has recently stated that over the next few years it intends to open many small offices across the city and hire hundreds of new brokers and agents.

While Re/Max is used to dealing with a lot of competition in the markets that it does serve, the company will likely find that New York City apartments for rent is much different than most. While it is a very dynamic real estate market, it can also be very competitive. Re/Max will not only have to compete with the typical national companies, but they will have to deal with smaller boutique firms as well that focus solely on the city and already have a strong established reputation.

One of the bigger challengers for Re/Max is Town Residential, which is a boutique real estate company that has been in the city for close to ten years. Town Residential focuses on offering leasing, brokerage, and sales services to a variety of people, including individual buyers and larger corporate real estate developers. The company has a great track record when it comes to sales and has a strong reputation in the market.

Town Residential is also known for their significant market knowledge. The company does far more market research than other firms in the city and typically shares their knowledge with potential customers. The company also creates newsletters on a regular basis, which discuss recent trends in the market and what investors should expect to see in the near future. This newsletter is read by thousands or professionals across the city.

Talk Fusion: The Building Momentum Of Change

How many emails do you think that you’ve sent and received since email began? The question obviously does not need an answer. They are a dime a dozen. However, on the horizon and growing larger by the day is a company named Talk Fusion. It’s a video communications and sales service that is rapidly picking up steam. The reason is that they have found a way to encode video right into your email. This is a game-changer for business and the average Joe and Jane alike. Think of how much easier you can commit a video to memory. You almost don’t need to try.

The initial service starts you with 1,000 emails that can all include up to 5 minute videos. There are a huge selection of templates for folks who are new to it or want to be quick. This comes at an initial cost of $175 and $20 per month. Very cost effective considering what you get for your money. For $375, you get 4 other accounts and the video duration is 10 minutes long. This of course has the other options as well.

The inception of Talk Fusion happened when Bob Reina, CEO of the company was told it couldn’t be done. It obviously could and he knew just the friend to help him out on the tech side. Long story short, Talk Fusion was born. Not too long ago, Reina was working as a full time policeman and marketing part time as well. It wasn’t until everything lined up that the company was created in earnest. This was back in 2007.

Fast forward to 2016 and Talk Fusion is up and running with the best of them. Investors in Bob’s idea are sure to start lining up when this becomes bigger in the future of email marketing. Bob Reina has came a long way from his campus at the University of South Florida and has nothing but a bright and successful future in his sights. With the current buzz, coupled with great momentum, it’s all but assured to him. Watch out for big things here.

CCMP Forges New Ground

CCMP Capital is a private equity investment company that focuses on two types of transactions, leveraged buyouts and the acquisition of growth capital companies. A leveraged buyout is a contract that uses a combination of an asset’s equity and borrowed money structured in such a way that the target’s cash flow is used as the actual collateral or leverage to secure and repay the borrowed money. A famous example of a leveraged Buyout of this type was the sale of one of the Americas leading iconic companies RJR Nabisco to the firm of Kohlberg, Kravis, Roberts & Co. RJR Nabisco was a conglomerate that sold tobacco and food products headquartered in the Calyon Building in Midtown Manhatten, New York City. This transaction was so significant that a movie with the name of “Enemy At The Gates” was made about it. This transaction also foretold the rash of leveraged buyouts that were to descend on the American economy in the coming decades. Growth equity companies are firms that generate returns by investing in companies that create value through revenue growth. While this is a rather fuzzy explanation it is nevertheless factual in its overview. There are obviously many different variables available that have to be agreed upon internally before implementing any particular type of strategy.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital also acted as the president and CEO until his untimely death in March of 2015 as reported by Fortune. In his business and private life he was a private equity investor himself who also never tired of the game. He started in the world of finance as a 1984 graduate of Boston College with a degree in economics and also a masters degree in business administration from the prestigious Columbia Business School. All of this selective highly revered education prepared him for his introduction to the business world and the world of high finance and in 1984 Steve entered the credit analysis training program in Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. In 1989, he became involved in the MH Equity Corporation, a finance branch of Manufacturers Hanover. In 1991, Manufacturers Hanover was purchased by Chemical Bank and Manufacturers Equity merged with Chemical Ventures Partners. In 1996, Chemical Bank merged with Chase Manhatten Corporation and Chemical Venture Partners became Chase Capital Partners. In 2005, Stephen Murray co-founded CCMP Capital and in 2007 was named its CEO.

Even though the death of its CEO has struck the firm hard as Bloomberg reports. CCMP’s untimely loss has not dampened the company’s spirit or its direction. To date, they have invested over $12 billion in both leveraged buyout and growth capital transactions. The company is also ranked as number 17 among the world’s largest and most profitable private equity funds. CCMP also operates with over 50 highly skilled employees and has offices in New York City, London, Hong Kong, and Tokyo.

US Money Reserve Updates Image With New Website


According to CBS 19, the US Money Reserve is updating its image with a new website. This new website is a great place for consumers to learn about all of the gold and silver coins that they offer, as well as place orders. The new website is intended to reflect the company’s status as a leader in the precious metals industry. It features a wealth of information, including a new and impressive photograph of the firms leader, Phillip N. Diehl, who is also the former director of the US Mint.

The website was designed by Ryan Buchanan, who is the VP of Brand and Creative at the US Mint, as a front page for the company, and allows access to a wide weath of information, including competive live pricing on gold and silver bullion and bars. In addition to this real time live updated information the new website also offers other perks to consumers, by helping educate the public on the importance of and the benefits of owning government issued gold and silver bullion.

The new website has other major features as well. It now has a feature called the Client-Connect Advantage. This new feature is designed to give consumers the opportunity to connect one on one with the US Money Reserve for consultations, help with purchasing, and completing offline transactions that are safe and secure.

In addition to these features the new website is also a great place for consumers to order a free gold information and explore all the services that the US Money Reserve offers. Some of the other services that the US Money Reserve offer include the Gold Standard IRA program.

The US Money Reserve is world’s largest destributor of US and foreign issued gold, silver, and platinum coins, bullion, bars and other legal tender. The US Money Reserve was founded in 2001. Since then, hundreds of thousands of people have come to rely on them for the precious metals they need to deversify their assets and grow their portfolios.

The US Money Reserve has a triple A rating from the Business Consumer Alliance and Buyback Garunteen that helps keep their customers satisfied. You can also find out more about the US Money Reserve by following them on Twitter and Tumbler.

Thor Halvorssen Explains Socialist Governments

Thor Halvorssen made an appearance on Fox News where he talked about what a democratic socialist government would look like. The American public has been whipped into a frenzy over what they think will be a government that is a lot like Stalin’s Russia. The reality is a lot different, and Thor had to explain to the commentator the difference.

Thor brought up countries like Norway and Sweden that have those kinds of governments, and he thinks that a government can be socialist and safe at the same time. In essence, Thor is saying that the American government is already set up to be a safe socialist democracy. Thor runs the Human Rights Foundation around the world, and he has come in contact with governments that are awful to their people. America does not have a history of oppressing its people like the Soviets did.

Thor even points out countries like North Korea or Iran that are terrible to their people, and he has called out every country in the world that is using socialism the wrong way. There is a lot of fear in America that Bernie Sanders is actually a communist, but Thor puts that fear aside by explaining that communism and socialism are two different things.

Europe runs a socialist society that offers a lot of services to its people, and that is what Bernie Sanders wants to do. Thor thinks that calling Bernie Sanders a socialist is not a bad thing, and he also thinks that it is an attempt to bring back the era of McCarthyism where everyone was afraid that they were going to meet communists who would ruin their lives.

Thor Halvorssen has run into some bad people in his time, and he could show Americans a really bad socialist country if they wanted to see it. Americans need to be educated about what socialism is, and Thor is making as many appearances as he can. Taking the appearance on Fox News was a great chance to talk to people who are involved in fearmongering, and Thor spoke perfectly to the points asked.

Current Economic Data Shows Signs Of Similar Patterns That Resulted In Recession According To George Soros

George Soros doesn’t make statements on Bloomberg about the economy or world markets unless he has data to back those statements up. Soros is a knowledgeable investor. But he is also an economic wizard that has predicted recessions in the past. Soros not only examines the obvious signs of a pending recession, but he also looks at the finer points that usually happen before a recession becomes a reality.

Those signs are present in the U.S. right now, according to Mr. George Soros, and most Americans have no idea what they mean. Retail and wholesale sales figures are a good measuring stick for a pending recession. When sales are good the GDP rate grows. But retail and wholesale sales are dropping. Online retail sales are increasing, but brick and mortar sales are taking a beating. Factory orders in America dropped at the end of 2015, and that is another indicator that GDP rate is slowing.

The Unites States export business is also having issues, and corporate profits are down. According to Soros, when you add those signs to the China economic situation and the potential Collapse of the European Union, a global recession is on the way. Mr. Soros told a interviewer that it’s not a matter of if a recession is coming. It’s a question of how much of the world’s economy will contract. China can’t continue to invest capital reserves to hold their stock market together, and the European Union can’t continue to bailout their bankrupt members.

The other issue that is one of the roots of potential recession is, the emerging market expansion bubble is bursting. Brazil is suffocating from its own shortsightedness, and Russia has a host of issues including an embargo. South Africa’s export business is on the ropes and even Taiwan is starting to feel the effects of their slowing economy, according to Soros. Soros said the biggest profit growth in recent years has come from investments in emerging market export capacity, but that was not the case in 2015. U.S. companies are trying to deal with the continued weakness in emerging markets. The emerging market economic slowdown is having the same effect on the global economy as the housing bubble had on the 2008 economy.

Soros also said oil is playing a role in the slowdown especially in countries like Russia, Brazil, and Venezuela. When all these obvious and fine signs are combined, economists believe the world market is already in a recession. It just hasn’t shown it face in the United States yet. Some economists say it won’t impact the U.S. too much as long as the dollar is strong, but Soros thinks those people are not looking at the impact of all the signs. They are being selective and this recession is not selective because every country is playing the export game.

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Thor Halvorssen Explains Socialism and Human Rights to Fox News

Thor Halvorssen is the founder of the Human Rights Foundation and the Oslo Freedom Forum, so he is well-known and well-regarded as a fighter for basic human rights. Recently, to help its viewers understand Bernie Sanders and socialism, Fox News interviewed Halvorssen.

In the first part of the interview, Halvorssen drew a distinction between socialist dictatorships and countries that had socialist governments and socialist policies, but which obeyed the rule of law. He stated it was okay for countries to have socialist governments if they did not violate human rights. He cited Denmark, Norway and Sweden as examples of such countries. He said the problem came when socialism came under authoritarian governments or when someone used socialism as a mask to take control of government to look the country while claiming to do so for the people.

Thor Halvorssen cited Venezuela as an example of a country where socialism was used to violate human rights. When the government wanted prices to be one thing, they set up the price control, the free market could not adjust and massive shortages resulted. The current government has done that, and now there’s a humanitarian crisis.

Halvorssen then shocked the interviewer for telling her he had made the largest possible legal donation to the campaign of Bernie Sanders. He explained he did so because the other Democratic Party candidate has taken millions of dollars from dictatorships. He did not name her. He did say she had taken money from Algeria. Bahrain, Quatar, Oman and Saudia Arabia. He said these countries restrict freedom of the press and execute people for being gay. He would much rather have the Democratic Party presidential candidate be a socialist than one who accepts money from dictatorships.

Halvorssen has learned about human rights violations through personal experience. His father was a political prisoner in Venezuela. His mother was shot by security forces under Hugo Chavez. And his first cousin is currently a political prisoner.

Later, Halvorssen said that he believed poverty could not be eliminated by the redistribution of wealth, but by the creation of new wealth. Therefore, he believes in free markets. However, he says dictorships are a much bigger problem. Follow Thor on Twitter to stay up-to-date with news and events.

The European Union’s Agreement With Turkey Is A Sign That A Collapse Is Coming According TO George Soros

Last November, the European Union entered into an agreement with Turkey that would in essence control the number of refugees that entered the Eurozone. That agreement immediately raised questions about the integrity of the EU. George Soros considers the agreement an assault on human liberties. The EU failed to include Lebanon and Jordan in the agreement, and they are the two countries that have been most affected by the exodus from Syria. The European Union gave Turkey 3 billion euros to reduce the flow of asylum-seeking refugees to Europe. George Soros has been very vocal about a potential European Union collapse, and the he believes this agreement confirms his suspicions.

Mr. Soros sat down with a German magazine and discussed the European Union and the events that could bring the EU down. The New York Review of Books also ran the interview on their website. In that interview, Soros said the EU is in trouble and rather than trying to fix their internal issues, the leaders of the EU are trying to buy their way of an unbuyable situation.

Anyone that knows or has read on Bloomberg TV about George Soros knows he is all business. lists Soros as the 32nd wealthiest person in the world, but that could change this year if his bet on shortening the Chinese yuan pays off. Soros has been saying that the European Union is going to collapse for a couple of years now, but what he is saying now is the collapse could happen this year because of the migration fiasco.

Turkey has a way of playing on both sides of a particular issue. Turkey has been discriminating against their Kurdish minority for years. The rest of the world hasn’t said much about it, but Soros has. Soros also knows that Turkey allows smugglers to make money from refugees that have nowhere to turn except to them. The EU has dropped to new human rights low by making an agreement with the Turks, according to Soros. He thinks the EU will regret that decision.

The actions taken by the EU shows a tremendous lack of respect for human suffering, and it proves that members of the EU would rather bribe than fix the migration crisis. The collapse of EU seems inevitable at this point. Soros thinks when the EU collapses, the fallout from that event will help push the world into a global recession. Soros also said the EU will have some help from the Chinese to make that world recession a reality.

Soros is not the only high-profile person to predict the demise of the EU. There’s been talk that the European Union was falling apart last year and the year before. But the continuing influx of migrants this year should push the EU over edge, according to Soros.