Thor Halvorssen Explains Socialist Governments

Thor Halvorssen made an appearance on Fox News where he talked about what a democratic socialist government would look like. The American public has been whipped into a frenzy over what they think will be a government that is a lot like Stalin’s Russia. The reality is a lot different, and Thor had to explain to the commentator the difference.

Thor brought up countries like Norway and Sweden that have those kinds of governments, and he thinks that a government can be socialist and safe at the same time. In essence, Thor is saying that the American government is already set up to be a safe socialist democracy. Thor runs the Human Rights Foundation around the world, and he has come in contact with governments that are awful to their people. America does not have a history of oppressing its people like the Soviets did.

Thor even points out countries like North Korea or Iran that are terrible to their people, and he has called out every country in the world that is using socialism the wrong way. There is a lot of fear in America that Bernie Sanders is actually a communist, but Thor puts that fear aside by explaining that communism and socialism are two different things.

Europe runs a socialist society that offers a lot of services to its people, and that is what Bernie Sanders wants to do. Thor thinks that calling Bernie Sanders a socialist is not a bad thing, and he also thinks that it is an attempt to bring back the era of McCarthyism where everyone was afraid that they were going to meet communists who would ruin their lives.

Thor Halvorssen has run into some bad people in his time, and he could show Americans a really bad socialist country if they wanted to see it. Americans need to be educated about what socialism is, and Thor is making as many appearances as he can. Taking the appearance on Fox News was a great chance to talk to people who are involved in fearmongering, and Thor spoke perfectly to the points asked.

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