Talk Fusion: The Building Momentum Of Change

How many emails do you think that you’ve sent and received since email began? The question obviously does not need an answer. They are a dime a dozen. However, on the horizon and growing larger by the day is a company named Talk Fusion. It’s a video communications and sales service that is rapidly picking up steam. The reason is that they have found a way to encode video right into your email. This is a game-changer for business and the average Joe and Jane alike. Think of how much easier you can commit a video to memory. You almost don’t need to try.

The initial service starts you with 1,000 emails that can all include up to 5 minute videos. There are a huge selection of templates for folks who are new to it or want to be quick. This comes at an initial cost of $175 and $20 per month. Very cost effective considering what you get for your money. For $375, you get 4 other accounts and the video duration is 10 minutes long. This of course has the other options as well.

The inception of Talk Fusion happened when Bob Reina, CEO of the company was told it couldn’t be done. It obviously could and he knew just the friend to help him out on the tech side. Long story short, Talk Fusion was born. Not too long ago, Reina was working as a full time policeman and marketing part time as well. It wasn’t until everything lined up that the company was created in earnest. This was back in 2007.

Fast forward to 2016 and Talk Fusion is up and running with the best of them. Investors in Bob’s idea are sure to start lining up when this becomes bigger in the future of email marketing. Bob Reina has came a long way from his campus at the University of South Florida and has nothing but a bright and successful future in his sights. With the current buzz, coupled with great momentum, it’s all but assured to him. Watch out for big things here.