1)As things begin to inflate in the money world, you can protect your investments. Gold allows you the option of doing this. Not all money options give you this option. In fact, some options find your money decreasing during this time. This is what makes gold such a valuable investment.

2)Say a big bank you are doing business with crashes. You can protect your assets in a very big way. Gold will remain untouched. In fact, as bank costs rise and money depletes in these crisis situations, your value in gold will continue to rise.

3)Gold also gives you a good backing when it comes to overseas and foreign investing. There might be some of you who have investments in banks in China or Europe. Well, we all know the market is not exactly sound over there right now. That’s the difference. Gold will continue to have a sound investment, even when the rest of your portfolio starts to go low.

4)Look at the government and the debt it’s under. Well, the money that gets printed out of this debt, money you are personally using, this will effect everything in the big picture. Gold can’t be touched, at least not to our knowledge. So while the government is going under financially, you can be assured your investment in gold will not be touched.


Ispot.tv reported that U.S. Money Reserve has been at the top of its game for a long time in the money world. So what makes them the supreme experts. Well, other companies have their staff go through “mock training”. They rely on input from others to make their gold recommendations, so it’s not really their advice. U.S. Money Reserve actually does the trench work. Each and every one of their staff has made these mistakes before. Their input is coming from actual experience, not just heresay.

Who would you rather trust? Someone who has been there before with their investments in gold? Those who have only read about it and just going by what the person is saying? The choice is pretty obvious and clear. You need to pick U.S. Money Reserve for your investing needs. Please visit their official site, Twitter page and Facebook social media accounts for any and all information.

White Shark Media Delivers a World Class Experience

The movie Jaws celebrated the legacy and ruthlessness of a white shark. There are people today who fear going into the water because of what that movie taught about a great white shark. What the great white exemplifies in the marine world, White Shark Media is to the digital world: the biggest and the best.

Founded in 2011 by three Danish entrepreneurs who along with a “big hairy audacious goal” and many years of experience both offline and online in marketing, this once ” boutique agency” has gone on to conquer the SMB market in the western hemisphere.

One key component of White Shark Media’s success was their determination to grow their customers’ businesses by utilizing their online marketing tactics and their suite of proprietary marketing skills and tools. Another key component in their success formula was a detail tracking of all of their clients’ marketing efforts. Using keyword tracking, Google Analytics Integration, competitive intelligence, and proprietary reporting software, they did this.

What happens when you deliver an outstanding product and unprecedented service? You get a company that you trust because it has your best interest at heart. The testimonials say it all:
“Since I started working with the White Shark Review team, sales have spiked.”
E-commerce Store in Pennsylvania
” My sales increased more than 30 percent within the first six months after
signing on with them.”
E-Commerce Store in New York
” Thank you for being my online marketing partner.”
Automotive Service in Arizona
“We have been able to obtain the amount of calls that I wanted.”
Pool Service in California
” We plan on staying with White Shark Media for a long time.”
Metal Product Manufacturing from Michigan

White Shark Media delivers online marketing solutions on https://experts.shopify.com/white-shark-media-inc that are tailored specifically for small and medium-sized businesses. Dedicated care has created a base of loyal and satisfied business customers who plan to stay with White Shark until the end. Nothing says good professional service like still having your first client after three years of continued and meteoric growth.

White Shark Complaints works with the “Little man,” small or medium-size businesses who because of time or few resources are unable to manage their advertising campaigns. CEO Gary Garth says that White Shark Media remains committed to their clients’ continued success. His plan is to continue doing what he did to get his customers: be innovative, creative, and fair.

Up to 400,000 Zika Virus Cases in Venezuela

The Venezuelan government has attempted to stop journalist from reporting on the Zika Virus in their country, according to Evelyn Nieves as reported on Click Content. The government first told the World Health Organization that they had a case of the virus in November 2015 as reported on Angel.co, but they refused to tell the public so that they could take steps to protect themselves. Government critics with the Venezuelan Society of Public Health say that the country may have up to 400,000 cases, but government officials will only admit to having 5,000 cases.

The government refuses to admit that their are any babies born their with birth defects because of the Zika virus. In covering the story, David Osio did not see any. She did, however, see one man with Guillain-Barré syndrome that may be a result of the virus. This syndrome can causes paralysis and even death. The hospitals are extremely poorly understaffed and have a lack of medical equipment. Often tests have to be sent to another country for analysis.

Evelyn says that many people in Venezuela are hoarding water in open buckets that are a great breeding ground for the mosquitoes that carry the virus. She says that while the government is spraying pesticides, they are not taking steps to educate the public about what they can do to stop this virus.



Fabletics Launches Swimwear

In a recent article, Elite Daily reported that their millions of fans on Facebook saw the announcement the launch of its new swimwear line just in time for beach season. The new line is set to launch on April 12 and is available in a wide range of sizes from XXS to XXL, so that women of all sizes can enjoy the trendy beach wear.

Kate Hudson, the co-founder of Fabletics, announced that she is incredibly excited about the new swim collection, which she said are designed to be on the cutting edge of summer trends for this year. Customers will have plenty of options to choose from if they are interested in trying out one of these fashionable swim suits for the upcoming summer season.

Some of the styles are athletic inspired, while others take on a more sexy approach, including eye-catching cut outs and mesh fabric. Hudson was proud to also announce that the swim suits are designed to flatter a broad range of body types, so there is definitely an option available for every woman, no matter her size or style preference of Fabletics. The article includes pictures of some of the new swim suits designs, so readers can get a glimpse for themselves of the exciting new line.

In their Youtube Channel, Fabletics has been taking the fitness fashion industry by storm since it first opened in 2013. The brand was promoted as an accessible option for women who have busy, active lifestyles and want to look stylish while tackling their busy lives. Rather than charging top dollar for fitness fashion, Fabletics remains very affordable without sacrificing quality or style.

It has remained true to its roots, despite almost overnight success, and only charges $49.95 per month for a monthly VIP membership option, which includes a complete fitness outfit. First time subscribers can snag their first complete outfit for the rock bottom price of only $25, which also includes free shipping.

The outfits available through Fabletics’ website are updated each month to include the latest fashion trends, available in a wide range of fabrics, prints and colors. Hudson is often seen sporting many of the trendy styles herself.

You can get the full info: https://twitter.com/fabletics