WEN By Chaz Cleansing Conditioner for Fine Dry Hair

In an article published on bustle.com beauty and hair fanatic, Emily McClure takes us on a journey of her experience utilizing the Wen Hair Cleansing Conditioner hair product. Emily has naturally fine hair and had heard great things about this product, so she wanted to try it for herself. Emily noticed great results almost immediately as her hair felt thicker when rinsing the product from her hair for the very first time. This was just the beginning of the many benefits that she saw. When utilizing this product prior to styling her hair, there was a significant difference in the volume of her hair as well as how shiny it was. Emily also noted that her hair did not fall out as much as normal when she was utilizing the cleansing conditioner. Emily would recommend this product for anyone who has fine dry hair but suggests that it be utilized prior to styling your hair for the best results.

Read her results at http://www.wen.com/before-after.html.

For those of you who are not aware of what the WEN by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner is or even what, WEN by Chaz is allow me to clarify. WEN by Chaz is a line of hair care products that were developed by Chaz Dean and are made with organic and natural ingredients. The cleansing conditioner is just one of the products offered in the product line and is essentially an all-in-one conditioner, shampoo, and styling treatment. WEN hair care products contain natural ingredients such as sweet almond oil, lavender, wild cherry bark, rosemary extract, and shea butter to name a few. To order Wen hair products or to learn more about them for yourself, check out Ebay.com.

Martin Lustgarten – The Global Investment Banker

In today’s world of finance, the term ‘investment banker’ is omnipresent. An institute which facilitates the corporate, individuals or governments in raising the much-required capital or acts as an agent the process if raising finance via the issuance of securities is an investment bank.

Why hire an investment banker
After the great recession, the economy is in the fast moving phase. Hence, one must match the pace of the economy so as to fulfill the deficit caused by the recession in one’s balance sheet and for that one must invest his hard earned money in a way that he gets the optimum rate of return on his investment because “A penny saved is a penny earned.” Here, an investment banker comes into the picture.

Who is an investment banker
Many of us do not have the knowledge of the economy and its moves. An investment banker is an expert who is well conversant with the ups and downs of an economy. This is a reason enough to hire an expert as just like our health, we do assign our portfolio to an expert as health is wealth but decreased wealth may affect your health.

Martin Lustgarten
Martin Lustgarten is the CEO of Lustgarten, South Florida. He is a holder of joint citizenship of Australia as well as Venezuela. Martin is having his operations in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Panama. This makes him truly a global investment banker.

Martin Lustgarten is an expert investment advisor having the experience of over a decade in his field. He tries to minimize the level of risk by investing the capital in more than one countries. This makes sure that the money at stake is not adversely affected by the slowdown in one economy.

Martin is an exceptionally hard working person who judges the undercurrent of the market before they emerge as a trend and mobilizes his funds accordingly. So, if you want to retire with handsome money in your account, you must follow Martin Lustgarten as Wealth is created and not earned.

So, start creating your wealth by following the expert investment banker – Martin Lustgarten.

Happy wealth creation.

The Dodd-Frank Act Provides Whistleblower Protection

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, was passed in 2010. This was the most dramatic change in banking regulations since the Great Depression. This act established a whistleblower protection program. The Dodd-Frank act provides financial incentives and employment protection for individuals who report federal securities fraud.

Labaton Sucharow was the first law office to specialize in defending federal whistleblowers. The law office uses a group of attorneys, financial planners, investigators, and accountants to provide exceptional legal representation for all whistleblowers. Jordan A. Thomas is the one responsible for establishing this exceptional team. Jordan A. Thomas was the former deputy director and assistant chief litigation counsel at the Securities and Exchange Commission. He proposed the rules and legislation, that now compose the whistleblower protection part of the Dodd-Frank Act.

Under the terms of the whistleblower act, individuals are eligible to receive from ten percent up to thirty percent of the total funds recovered when the sanctions exceed one million dollars. Based upon the amount collected, whistleblowers may be eligible for additional monetary rewards. Individuals are protected from retaliation when they participate in the whistleblower protection program. Therefore individuals will not lose their employment, when they report unscrupulous activities to the SEC. The whistleblower act helps investigators in many high profile cases. Without the vital information; the SEC would not be able to prosecute those who are guilty of high profile securities fraud. Over the last several years, the Securities and Exchange Commission has received over four thousand whistleblower complaints. If the whistleblower is represented by an attorney, they may choose to remain anonymous when they report the unscrupulous activities to the SEC.

In August of 2012 the first whistleblower payment was made in the amount of fifty thousand dollars. The Securities and Exchange Commission recently awarded a payout of over fourteen million dollars. Through the criminal prosecution in this case, the SEC regulators were able to recover investor funds totaling over one hundred million dollars. Recently the Securities and Exchange Commission paid out an award of over thirty one million dollars. This is the fourth award paid to a whistleblower living outside the United States. The recipient decided to remain anonymous, as they were represented by an attorney during the investigation.

Sanjay Shah Talks About Entrepreneurial Success

Sanjay Shah founder of Autism Rocks and Solo Capital was in an interview with radio host Eric Dye of the Entrepreneurial Network’s Enterprise Radio some time ago. The show is a platform for entrepreneurs to receive business advice, motivation, information and inspiration. It is a major live event coverage involving entrepreneurs from around the world. The interview revealed information on several topics such as Sanjay’s creation of Solo Capital, what motivated him to start Autism Rocks, advice on how to become a successful business owner, and what to expect at this year’s Autism Rocks charity concert.

During the interview, Sanjay gave personal tips on how to start and run a business successfully. Further in the interview he revealed how founding Autism Rocks, has helped him combine his love for family and his passion for music along with his entrepreneurial spirit to fund autism research and to develop awareness of the condition.  He encouraged listeners to seek out more information on the events website (Autism Rocks’).

About Solo Capital and Autism Rocks

Solo Capital Markets (also referred to as Solo Capital UK and Solo Capital Limited) is an international specialty financial services company that has its headquarters in London, England. Solo Capital Limited is regulated in the U K. They focus on proprietary trading, consulting and professional sports investments. Solo Capital Partners recorded a net worth of £15.45 million, £67.45 million in assets and a cash flow of more than £30.26 million as of March 2015. The company was founded by Sanjay Shah who is also its CEO. It is controlled by Solo Group Holdings.

Sanjay is the founder of Autism Rocks, an organization involved in creating awareness about autism and throwing concerts to raise money for research on the condition. The first concert was held in 2014 and only people who received invitations were able to attend. Autism Rocks concert has featured popular performers such as Prince, Michael Bublè, Lenny Kravitz and Drake.

About Sanjay Shah

Sanjay Shah’s actions are crucial towards funding the research on autism to develop a better understanding of the disorder. He has been helping researchers get more understanding of the disorder. He has partnered with the music industry, to increase awareness of the disorder, and built an outlet to raise funds for its research. Before starting Autism Rocks, Sanjay pursued opportunities in accounting, philanthropy and entrepreneurship. Sanjay Shah didn’t start in the investment and financial industry. He studied medicine but decided that being a doctor was not his calling. Instead, he opted to be an accountant and even went on to work for some investment banks, some of which include Credit Suisse, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. He lost his job in 2009 during the economic crisis, and with less prospects of landing a new job, he started his own brokerage company, Solo Capital.

He also owns over three dozen more companies across London, Dubai, The British Virgin Islands, Malta, The Cayman Islands and Luxembourg. Before incorporating Solo Capital, Sanjay Shah earned £19 million for the year on March 31, 2011. He was in charge of Old Park Lane Capital, an invite-only and institutional stockbroker that is concentrated on natural resources. As of January 2016, Sanjay Shah’s net worth was US$280 million. Though he has offices in Dubai and London, he still considers himself retired.


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Securus Technology Upgrade to THREADS 3.1 to improve Peoples’ Security

Securus Technologies, Inc. is a company that provides technology that guarantees public safety to both the civil and criminal justice. Their technology is also used for investigation, monitoring and also in correction facilities all over the united states. The company also does offer public services solutions including, incident management, verification, investigation, information management, inmate self-service, communication, and monitoring of products and services.

All the services that Securus offer are crucial to cities and law enforcers as they assist them in the collection, consolidation, storage, visualizing and distributing information all in real time. Securus provides for the need of immediate access to information that is critical to emergency dispatch, public safety and to law enforcers.

In a report by PR Newswire, Securus released THREADS 3.1 the most advanced and fully integrated big data analytical tool in all of the United States corrections market. The new released product will upgrade user interface and all Securus customers will have the latest web-based technology. The new product still has the same powerful analysis which all Securus customers have always experienced with other products.

The new redesigned THREAD according to Linked In IT experts will be easy to use with enhanced user performance. Securus has also removed the redundant system action and improved the navigation, the search function and the record loading. All the new changes according to Kelly Solid the General Manager at Securus is that it has improved the performance and user experience.

Visit wikipedia.org to know more about Securus Technologies.

THREAD 3.1 has changed its software platform too from Silverlight to HTML 5 and this will be crucial as it will allow direct integration of Securus product will also be possible with the new product including Securus Call Platform (SCP).

THREADS 3.1 easy to use interface will give investigators a more dedicated tool to support with their investigation. Solid said that Securus had dedicated enough time to develop the software that will require only minimum training to users an in return users will get a high intelligence to investigators.

The new other features that THREADS 3.1 has added includes the ability to listen SCP calls in the TREADS application, give context sensitive reports, guides in real time, and customized mapping and printing. THREADS has for years given gold standard investigative solution for detecting, identifying and also reporting suspicious issues inmate call patterns, fraternization, associations, communication events and correlations.

THREAD 3.1 now has upgraded Securus Solution to the level of platinum and the existing customers of the company will get the upgrade free.

For full story on Securus new product Visit PRNewswire

Learn more about Securus: http://www.bbb.org/dallas/business-reviews/government-contractors/securus-technologies-in-dallas-tx-41000098

Stop Hiring Officers based on Biasness, Advices DA George Gascon

George Gascon, the current District Attorney, has raised much disarray with his former fellow law enforcement team. Gascon set up a panel that was responsible for digging dip into the police force, so that to reveal what is going on in the police force. It is due to such issues that have made most former presidents at the Police Officers Association to be worried.
By using law the DA has been confronted by allegations that are beyond his activities. It is the issue of cleaning up the force that has brought such claims. Gascon has been labeled as a racist, pretender and an individual who is seeking a political office in the near future. The former president of POA went on record that Gascon described the police officers that were under him as black people meaning the African American officers. Such rhetoric has not been yet confirmed since they are coming from individuals who were at the force and some at the current offices.
In terms of the conduct of the police officers it is evident that there have been various allegations regarding the police force. The recent issues that are being raised are concerning the use of force by the police officers when carrying out their duties. It can be termed as skyrocketing as there are more innocent people ling their lives because of the notion that the police are having.
Gascon is also tackling the issue of promotions in the force. He has tasked the panel to determine the diversity of the forces so that they are able to act without any compromise or favor from anybody. Hiring of the police force was also highly criticized because corruption cases at the forces have been reported as being on the rise and the situations leads to more insecurity among other aspects.
Homophobia actions that have been witnessed at the police force have made Gascon to see the department currently being at a different situation that in were several years ago. The blue ribbon panel has been given ago ahead to investigate the police officers who have been linked with the actions so that they can be disciplined and pay for their mistakes.


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