Stop Hiring Officers based on Biasness, Advices DA George Gascon

George Gascon, the current District Attorney, has raised much disarray with his former fellow law enforcement team. Gascon set up a panel that was responsible for digging dip into the police force, so that to reveal what is going on in the police force. It is due to such issues that have made most former presidents at the Police Officers Association to be worried.
By using law the DA has been confronted by allegations that are beyond his activities. It is the issue of cleaning up the force that has brought such claims. Gascon has been labeled as a racist, pretender and an individual who is seeking a political office in the near future. The former president of POA went on record that Gascon described the police officers that were under him as black people meaning the African American officers. Such rhetoric has not been yet confirmed since they are coming from individuals who were at the force and some at the current offices.
In terms of the conduct of the police officers it is evident that there have been various allegations regarding the police force. The recent issues that are being raised are concerning the use of force by the police officers when carrying out their duties. It can be termed as skyrocketing as there are more innocent people ling their lives because of the notion that the police are having.
Gascon is also tackling the issue of promotions in the force. He has tasked the panel to determine the diversity of the forces so that they are able to act without any compromise or favor from anybody. Hiring of the police force was also highly criticized because corruption cases at the forces have been reported as being on the rise and the situations leads to more insecurity among other aspects.
Homophobia actions that have been witnessed at the police force have made Gascon to see the department currently being at a different situation that in were several years ago. The blue ribbon panel has been given ago ahead to investigate the police officers who have been linked with the actions so that they can be disciplined and pay for their mistakes.


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