Sanjay Shah Talks About Entrepreneurial Success

Sanjay Shah founder of Autism Rocks and Solo Capital was in an interview with radio host Eric Dye of the Entrepreneurial Network’s Enterprise Radio some time ago. The show is a platform for entrepreneurs to receive business advice, motivation, information and inspiration. It is a major live event coverage involving entrepreneurs from around the world. The interview revealed information on several topics such as Sanjay’s creation of Solo Capital, what motivated him to start Autism Rocks, advice on how to become a successful business owner, and what to expect at this year’s Autism Rocks charity concert.

During the interview, Sanjay gave personal tips on how to start and run a business successfully. Further in the interview he revealed how founding Autism Rocks, has helped him combine his love for family and his passion for music along with his entrepreneurial spirit to fund autism research and to develop awareness of the condition.  He encouraged listeners to seek out more information on the events website (Autism Rocks’).

About Solo Capital and Autism Rocks

Solo Capital Markets (also referred to as Solo Capital UK and Solo Capital Limited) is an international specialty financial services company that has its headquarters in London, England. Solo Capital Limited is regulated in the U K. They focus on proprietary trading, consulting and professional sports investments. Solo Capital Partners recorded a net worth of £15.45 million, £67.45 million in assets and a cash flow of more than £30.26 million as of March 2015. The company was founded by Sanjay Shah who is also its CEO. It is controlled by Solo Group Holdings.

Sanjay is the founder of Autism Rocks, an organization involved in creating awareness about autism and throwing concerts to raise money for research on the condition. The first concert was held in 2014 and only people who received invitations were able to attend. Autism Rocks concert has featured popular performers such as Prince, Michael Bublè, Lenny Kravitz and Drake.

About Sanjay Shah

Sanjay Shah’s actions are crucial towards funding the research on autism to develop a better understanding of the disorder. He has been helping researchers get more understanding of the disorder. He has partnered with the music industry, to increase awareness of the disorder, and built an outlet to raise funds for its research. Before starting Autism Rocks, Sanjay pursued opportunities in accounting, philanthropy and entrepreneurship. Sanjay Shah didn’t start in the investment and financial industry. He studied medicine but decided that being a doctor was not his calling. Instead, he opted to be an accountant and even went on to work for some investment banks, some of which include Credit Suisse, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. He lost his job in 2009 during the economic crisis, and with less prospects of landing a new job, he started his own brokerage company, Solo Capital.

He also owns over three dozen more companies across London, Dubai, The British Virgin Islands, Malta, The Cayman Islands and Luxembourg. Before incorporating Solo Capital, Sanjay Shah earned £19 million for the year on March 31, 2011. He was in charge of Old Park Lane Capital, an invite-only and institutional stockbroker that is concentrated on natural resources. As of January 2016, Sanjay Shah’s net worth was US$280 million. Though he has offices in Dubai and London, he still considers himself retired.


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