White Shark Media Explain The Importance Of Listening To Feedback

White Shark Media, a digital marketing company, has expressed the importance of listening to feedback from customers and what they have learned from their mistakes in the past, which has led to the company’s overall improvement.

The company uses the feedback and complaints they receive to improve on their methods and services to help more clients become a success.

In the past, the company had issues from customers because they were unable to check into their campaigns for Adwords. The company acknowledge the feedback and became aware that their methods were not sufficient in reporting back to the customers on their campaigns.

Because of this, the company made some changes by ensuring things are thoroughly explained before getting into business as well as all clients can now see alerts and fully check in on their campaigns for full reports.

After some issues from clients about poor communication and not being able to get in touch with their specific contact, White Shark Media made some changes to their overall communication systems. Good communication is vital for a company to run smoothly and have good relations with their customers.

In light of this, White Shark Media set up a schedule for monthly status reports and calls through an online conference. This allows clients to speak directly to their contact with the company and keep a direct extension to contact them whenever needed.  Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints: https://plus.google.com/+Whitesharkmedia

White Shark Media Complaints team also tackled the issue of old campaigns performing better than new optimized campaigns. The company has applied a greater value to the thriving aspects of clients existing campaigns.

On top of this, the experienced supervisors at White Shark Media will keep customers up to date on information and any new developments on all running campaigns. This was done by setting up a teams of SEM strategists that are individually supervised.  Read more: White Shark Media Promises Continual Improvement In Response To Complaints

The company is also willing to go over all SEO plans provided by their clients for their companies, though they do not offer the SEO services directly. Any clients that were unsure about keep track of their performance on their Adwords were able to rest easy when the company set up a process for in the home to set up tracking for conversions and calls.

The results White Shark Media has been able to achieve are because of their approach to customers complaints and feedback. By handling situations without hostility and ensuring all customers are satisfied, the company has been able to improve their business.