Slyce Visual Search Helps Shoppers



There is a really nice way for people to shop that has all to do with visual search. Slyce is a company that makes this kind of software every day, and they are using it to power shoppers online. Shoppers who are online looking for a certain kind of item will find what they need just by making sure that they have used the app Slyce has for shoppers, and that will give them more shopping options than they have ever had. Slyce is a really efficient product recognition search company, and they are saving shoppers time, too.

Shoppers who are using Slyce technology are going into the app with a picture of something they want to buy. The picture is run through the software, and the Slyce software will show everything that looks exactly like the picture or is close to it. It can even tell the user what the product is if there is an exact match. People who did not know what the item was will be able to learn that before they buy.

They are going to have a chance to pick the one they want to buy, and then they buy the item outside the app. Someone who wants to shop for lower prices can go through a lot of the search results before buying, or they can buy the first thing they see.

Someone who wants to get more familiar with Slyce can use the shopping app they use for their own technology today. They can put any picture in there that they want, and then they can buy the thing that is closest to what they need. They might have seen something they really like, or they can take a picture of something that was handed down to them that they have never heard of before. Basically, any shopper gets what they want when Slyce finds the item for them with just a picture.