Top Female Entrepreneur in the Makeup Industry

Female entrepreneurs are currently on the rise, thanks in part to the current success of some of the top female entrepreneurs in the country. One of the top female entrepreneurs in the United states is Doe Deere. Doe is the CEO and founder of the makeup brand company: Lime Crime makeup company. She has had massive success within the makeup industry with her brand of bold colors and whimsy. Doe recently gave an interview about the present state of her makeup company and about her thoughts about becoming one of the top female entrepreneurs.

On being asked about the beginnings of her makeup company, Doe Deere said that she was inspired to start a makeup company originally from her childhood love of imagination and creativity. She also cited her love of experimenting with makeup throughout her twenties as her reason for wanting to make a colorful and fun makeup company, since that niche had not yet been truly filled up by any other makeup company.

With her experiences with makeup, Doe Deere admits that she was not good at makeup when she was younger. She became good at using and experimenting with makeup when she was in her twenties. She actually says that her wild makeup looks were originally what helped her grow her business. She would post pictures of her latest makeup looks on her blog and on social media. Then she would put links to her makeup store alongside the posts, and ultimately people became fascinated by her makeup posts and buzz spread about her company Lime Crime makeup. Her fans -or unicorns- became inspired to do their own creative and imaginative makeup looks. She decided to name her fans unicorns because they are brave, imaginative and one of a kind similarly to the mythos that is the unicorn.

Doe Deere hopes that her and the other female entrepreneurs that were voted at the top of the list will inspire other women and girls to pursue their entrepreneur dreams. She says it is important to have pride in your job or jobs during your life. One way of being proud of your work is to be an entrepreneur, even if you have to start small.

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