FreedomPop Rescued Me From High Wireless Service Bills

I had my cell phone bill set for auto pay when I was with my previous cell phone company, so I would simply check my bank account every month to see what they charged me on my bill. I was so used to having my payment automatically taken out that I didn’t check it for three months and didn’t realize that I was getting an additional $50 or more charged to my account for three months straight. When I inquired with the company why my bill had gone up, they told me that they had changed

this information out, it was the last month that I stayed with that company. I did a FreedomPop the data allotment for the plan I had chosen.


Since my family and I had gone over the new data limit, I was starting to pay extra each month, and when I found a review and chose them for my wireless services because I not only wanted a reliable cell phone service provider but also one that wasn’t going to charge me a fortune behind my back. Their company has upfront pricing that doesn’t change, and I also like that their prices are lower than any other service provider.


I get great call service, which means I can make calls without them dropping, and I get clear calls as well. I only pay $20 each month for the unlimited cell phone service that I have, and my kids have the same service as well, so we’re only paying a total of $60 each month to FreedomPop. I’m looking back and realizing that I was spending almost $200 every month with my previous cell phone company, and I could just kick myself for being so ignorant about how low-priced FreedomPop’s services are, and I found a great phone from their website for a low price, so I purchased it.


I also chose to purchase different phones for my kids on their website too, and we all now have iPhones that we absolutely love. Using FreedomPop’s services has been very good for my bank account because I no longer have to pay the extremely high fees or hidden fees that my previous company was charging me. I’ve also ordered home Internet service from FreedomPop, which comes with 1 GB of free data and allows us to have Wi-Fi service at home. I couldn’t ask for anything better than what FreedomPop is giving me.


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