Wessex Institute of Technology in Close Review

According to the Wessex Institute Wikipedia page, the Wessex Institute of Technology is a research and educational institute that offers higher degrees. It is also referred to as WIT. The aim of WIT is to develop ways of transferring knowledge with particular focus to the exchange of information between professional users and academics within the industry. Professor Carlos Brebbia established WIT in 1986 succeeding the Computational Mechanics Institute. Wessex Institute’s activities are split up into three and they include research, publishing and conferences.
Wessex Institute Wikipedia page continues to add that the Ashurst Lodge is home to WIT and is located in a renowned National Park that goes by the name New Forest. The forest, being one of the unique wilderness areas in Europe, provides a great environment for the institute. A B.O.D runs the Institute with Professor Carlos Brebbia as its chairperson. The institute board is made up of eleven members who hail from Belgium, UK, USA, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Germany and Portugal and are all professors.
To fund its research, WIT relies on several research and industry organizations. It has collaboration agreement with several universities and organizations and they include the Universita di Siena, Italy, Universidad de Granada, Spain, Universita di Pisa, Italy, University of Castilla-La Mancha, UNICAMP, Brazil, Universita di Milano, Italy, UniversitatPolitècnica de València, Spain, Universidad de Alicante, Spain and University of the West of England, UK.
WIT strives to achieve its international transfer objectives through its conference program that is usually dubbed ‘WIT Conference Program’. The conferences are about twenty-five in number each year and are held in different locations encompassing different universities and organizations. Through the conferences, WIT encourages trans-disciplinary research. Wessex Institute Wikipedia page usually lists the conferences that make up a particular year’s WIT Conference Programme.

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