Eric Pulier Helps A Lot Of Kids With Technology

I know that technology in school is something that people get up in arms about all the time because they want to have kids get the best chances to learn. The problem is that a lot of kids did not have anything to help them in the 90s. I have a daughter who has a major motor function disorder, and she never had anything that was going to help her in school. Eric Pulier started People Doing Things so that he could be there to put technology in schools for kids with disabilities.

I have been wondering for a long time how my daughter was going to get help, but then there was all this new technology that was great for her to use. It was right there when Pulier brought it in, and he was actually pitching other schools on the same stuff. He knew that he would be able to help a lot of kids if he just got the technology into schools, and then he was able to teach everyone how to use the things he created.

I know he also created a social network that was great for kids with terminal diseases, and I hear that he is working in enterprise technology and on the X Prize committee. I think that is someone who wants to go wherever he can to change the world, and I like that he started that out right here where we live. We needed something to help our daughter, and Eric had it.

I was also impressed that he wanted the schools to keep what he had made. They still have a lot of the same stuff, and they are very happy to help more kids every year with it. It makes a difference, and it surely saved our family a lot of headaches.

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