Raj Fernando Discourages Turnover by Hiring Lifetime Employees

Raj Fernando has always been a firm believer of recruiting top talent at Chopper Trading. However, he does not follow the grain when it comes to hiring. According to Raj, the trading floor is already a high-pressure workplace and there is no need to hire employees who will not easily assimilate with the rest.

A Conducive Work Environment

Raj keeps the working atmosphere at Chopper Trading as pleasant as he possibly can to counter the high stress and pressures of the job. This is evident in the after-working hours of the company. The 150 employees of Chopper Trading take some time off every day to cool off, unwind and socialize over poker or table tennis.

Chopper Trading’s 3,000 square foot office space is fitted with a table tennis table and a small gym. Employees like to hang around after work to lift weights. They also go out together. The company provides season tickets to games featuring the Bulls, Cubs, Sox or Blackhawks. These activities ensure that all employees get along well, and lead to a conducive working environment.

Raj Fernando’s Hiring Process

Raj’s hiring process is lengthy and involved. He aims to bring in carefully scrutinized employees who will one day retire from Chopper Trading. His main hiring rule since he established the company back in 2002 is that all new hires should add value to the company. He discourages turnover and releases employees who are difficult to work with.

Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando Started the Chopper Trading Company back in 2002. As CEO, he helped grow the company into one of the most profitable trading companies in the world. Before establishing the company, Raj worked at Chicago Mercantile Exchange and later Chicago Board of Trade. He gathered knowledge and experience over the years before leveraging it to start Chopper Trading.

Fernando is involved with many philanthropic efforts within the U.S. as well as the city of Chicago, Illinois. He is a member of the esteemed Chicago Symphony Orchestra and retains membership of Chicago Council on Global Affairs. Raj received his undergraduate degree in Economics and History from Beloit College. Today, he runs his new startup Scouthead.com and lives in Chicago, Illinois.

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