The Philanthropic Activities of Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy have long been involved in charitable causes. Over the years, the couple has looked to give back to their communities and provide others with a better quality of life. Recently, Dick’s wife Betsy sat down for an interview about educational reform. During this interview she said that she and her husband have looked to donate funds to improve educational institutions in their local community. With better education, kids and adults can more easily get the knowledge they need in order to improve their career and income prospects. During the 1990’s, Betsy served as a board member of two national 501 C charities. As a member of these charities, Betsy has helped a number of children get the education they need to become successful.


Over the course of his career, Dick DeVos has participated in a number of philanthropic activities as a way to share his wealth with the community. During the last two decades, Dick DeVos has given funds to a number of causes such as education, business development and also fine arts. With these contributions, Dick has been able to make a difference in his community. His charitable contributions have led to helping other people get a higher education, start up and expand a business and also help arts organizations improve their programs. As a result, Dick DeVos’ philanthropic activities have had very positive impact on society.


One of the main philanthropic activities that Dick DeVos has participated in is providing funds for education. Dick has given funds to help finance scholarships for business students. With these scholarships, Dick has helped a number of individuals get a Master’s degree in business administration. Since higher education can be quite expensive, DeVos’ contributions have helped make business school more affordable for many. By helping people get graduate business degrees, DeVos has allowed many people to get the credentials necessary to improve their career opportunities and become the best business leaders today.


Another activity that Dick DeVos has participated in is providing funds for business development. Over the years, Dick has provided funds for businesses that were looking to expand. With expansion, they were able to grow their businesses and make a positive impact on the economy. DeVos’ contributions have also helped a number of businesses start up. He has given them funds to get their business up and running so that they can reach their goals. With these contributions, Dick DeVos has helped a number of businesses owners fulfill their dreams.



Jose Manuel Gonzalez Has His Own Idea Of Running Venezuela

Jose Manuel Gonzalez has been involved in his local government for a while now, but he wants to be sure that he can help other people understand how Venezuela has to change. The changes that must be made to the country have to happen at the local level, and Jose Manuel Gonzalez believes that people who are career politicians are not the only ones who should make decisions. He knows what is going on in his local area, and he knows that there are ways to fix it.

There are several choices that Jose Manuel Gonzalez is confronted with every day, and he wants to be sure that he has presented all of them to the people in the assembly. He does not want to be the president of the country, but he does want to cause other people to join their own assemblies. He is sure that there is a lot of unemployment and crime in his home nation, and he thinks that people who care on the local level need to stand in and fight for the nation.

The best thing for the country is for many people like Jose Manuel Gonzalez to do their part to get the help that they need. He wants to have anyone who has a business to come out and try to find businesses that will come to the country to help offer jobs. There could be a lot of commerce coming to the country, but there is a lot to be done by the people in power.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is pushing the people of Venezuela to get more involved, and he is succeeding. He has come to his own assembly to serve so that he can help others, and it is working. The work that he does in government can bring back prosperity to Venezuela.

Wen by Chaz is a popular hair care trend

Hair care is a vital part of being a woman in America. Women throughout the country are constantly trying to achieve the perfect look. Hair care companies cannot seem to keep up with the market, so there are constantly new trends emerging. Here are some of the key trends that are changing lives around the country.
Klorane shampoo has been popular with select stylists around the country for years, but now it is becoming widely available throughout the world. Klorane is an excellent way to keep oily hair in control. They sell liquid shampoo and dry shampoo, and women everywhere are raving about it.

Sugar scrubs are incredibly popular for hand care, but they have only recently caught on in the hair care industry. Women want their hair to have a visible shine and several companies have unveiled their sugar scrub products. Matrix Biolage Sugar Shine system is offering women the best possible sugar scrub product out there. It exfoliates your hair easily and does not contain any silicone. By using it multiple times, you can give your hair a visible shine.

These new hair care trends are changing the way women think about their hair, but WEN Hair by Chaz is making an even bigger difference. Wen by Chaz was developed by the amazing Chaz Dean. Chaz Dean ( has treated hundreds of celebrities and he wanted to create a formula that would give women the volume the deserve. His new conditioner has received rave reviews from stylists across the country. Women throughout the country are trying out the product, and popular media outlets like Bustle have given the conditioner great reviews. Wen is changing lives and is emerging throughout the country as a top brand. Wen hair care products are available on Sephora Beauty stores and can be purchased online via eBay.

Hair trends are constantly evolving, and it is hard to keep up. Wen by Chaz should stay popular for years to come because it works well. Follow Wen hair:



IAP Worldwide Develops Airport

One of IAP Worldwide Services‘ divisions is taking charge of the development of an air traffic control system in Afghanistan. This division is named Panama City-based Readiness Management Support. It is performing the development to support Operation Enduring Freedom in the Middle East. The air control center is located in the city of Kabul and it officially went into use on July 12. Its job is to provide positive control, non-radar, flight rule services that can be employed visually and instrumentally within Kabul. Its region of service is the Kabul Flight Information Region.

Panama City-based Readiness Management Support (RMS) is playing the role of Air Force Contract Augmentation Contractor. It has formed an economic partnership with the United States Air Force and its other subcontractors. They are working together to innovative new designs for airways and for the maintenance, delivery, and installation of communications equipment that will enhance coverage by radio waves in the region. Final fight checks will also be performed through the systems that IAP Worldwide Services’ subsidiary is building in Kabul. Major roles were also played by some of RMS’s subcontractors for this project. They provided air traffic control staff and procured systems, designs, and performed installations at 4 unique locations across Afghanistan.

Read more: IAP Worldwide Services | LinkedIn

This makes it ideally suited for doing work commissioned by the U.S. military. He added that he had a team of exceptionally talented employees who were flexible in their work capacity and able to take on whatever challenges might be thrown at them even in the most difficult settings. IAP Worldwide Services staff are still present in Afghanistan coordinating activities with local staff to guarantee the continued successful operation of the facilities that they have constructed. The region has some of the most congested airspace in the world and that is why it is of the utmost importance that operations progress according to the highest standards of accuracy. The staff of IAP are proud to work alongside the Air Force on this project and seek to do whatever they can to help revitalize the infrastructure of Afghanistan. Dwight Clark, the vice president of IAP had nothing but kind, enthusiastic words for the staff under his employ. The conditions are demanding but IAP Worldwide staff are up to the task no matter what.


IAP Worldwide Hoovers Profile


Andy Wirth’s Plans For Squaw Valley Only Need One More Approval

Andy Wirth’s plans to expand Squaw Valley Ski Resort are moving forward after receiving approval from the Placer County Planning Commission. If all goes well, the County Board of Supervisors will grant the final approval in October.

The region’s inability to handle more traffic is the only hurdle to overcome. While Wirth mentioned plans for a North Shore mass transit system, a representative from the League to Save Lake Tahoe wants to see a firm commitment from Wirth about how to manage the additional traffic. Squaw Valley does plan to add additional worker housing, which may help ease commuter traffic.

As the Chief Executive Officer of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, Wirth is responsible for attracting guests to both the Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows resorts.

With more than two decades of experience in the hotel and resort industry and his new title of Chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation, Wirth understands that expansion brings new guests to Squaw Valley and also encourages more flights to come to the airport. Read more: Friends of Squaw Valley – Timeline

The expansion plans would also create new jobs for the Lake Tahoe community and bring in additional tax revenue. As a person who is concerned about the entire Lake Tahoe community, Andy Wirth knows that making Squaw Valley a premier resort destination with benefit all of Olympic Valley.

According to SteamBoatToday and CrowdRise, an avid outdoorsman, Wirth lost his arm in what might have been a fatal skydiving accident. With his arm surgically reattached, Worth worked diligently to get back to his favorite outdoor activities. He also co-founded Wounded Warrior Support, which raises funds for the Navy SEAL Foundation.

3 Ways You Can Get Rid Of Negative Search Results

If we lived in a perfect world you would never have to worry about anyone posting anything negative about you or your business online. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world. And with one click of a button anyone can say anything they want to with little to no consequences.

While we would all love to completely eliminate all the negative articles and outdated information floating around the world wide web, the reality is we cannot. Once something is posted online, it is pretty much their forever. Even if it gets deleted, there will always be a copy of it somewhere.

How To Get Rid Of Negative Search Results

The only way to get rid of negative search results it to replace them with positive search results. Instead of trying to delete all the negative information, your goal should be to create as much positive content about you and your business as you possible can. This way you will be able to control what potential customers see.

Here are 3 ways you can get rid of negative search results:

#1 – Set Up and Manage Profiles On The Top Social Media Sites

Sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn consistently appear on the first page of Google. Setting up profiles on each of these sites is a great way to start burying some of the negative results currently showing up. Once you set up the profiles, make sure you only post things you won’t regret.

You can also set up profiles on, Reddit, Google Plus, Tumblr, Pinterest and Blogger.

#2 – Comment Publicly

Commenting on articles using your real name is a great way to dominate the search engines. The key is to post intelligently. Make sure you spell check everything and make sure the comments you leave are helpful and well reasoned.

#3 – Reclaim Negative Keywords

Sometimes a search for your name will bring back positive results. However, if you add in a particular keyword you may notice those results quickly turn negative. For example, let’s say a search for “Jimmy John” comes back positive, but when you search for “Jimmy John Stock Market”, the results are negative, that’s a sign you need to reclaim negative keywords.

Start including “Jimmy John Stock Market” in your content creation to help change how its showing up.

As stated before, completely eliminating negative content is virtually impossible. Your best option is to hire a professional company who specializes in rebuilding online reputations.

Bury Bad Articles in one such company. They will help you get rid of the negative press so you can focus on growing your business or brand.

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Jose Manuel: Why Politicians Shouldn’t be Entrusted with Agricultural Matters

Agriculture is the mainstay of many countries in the developing world. Unfortunately, farmers are often left to their own demises by agencies mandated to improve the sector. This situation is prevalent in Venezuela. Despite the country being blessed with rich soils and favorable climate, leadership wrangles have stagnated the agricultural sector. Jose Manuel Gonzalez has made a name for himself by being a vocal defender of farmers throughout the country.

Mr. Gonzalez is an agricultural entrepreneur and therefore, understands the challenges that farmers face. He reckons that the sector has consistently been performing poorly due to unfavorable policies that are implemented by the political class. Venezuela does not have adequate foreign currency reserves, a situation that has made it difficult to import modern equipment and input. He asserts that there can never be progress without investment and goodwill. The national assembly’s efforts to understand farmer’s problems have been futile. However, Gonzalez points out that the root of the problem is the mismanagement of agricultural resources.

Venezuela has a closed-door government, which is weak and indecisive. This situation makes it difficult for farmer’s issues to be objectively addressed. The coalition government is fragile, and has openly turned a deaf ear on the agricultural sector. Overdependence on one importing consortium has similarly worsened the existing bureaucracy. Gonzalez points out that this is spelling doom to farmers. Distortions in foreign exchange rates have paved way to smuggling, which denies the country’s treasury revenue that would have otherwise been used to boost agriculture. The security situation is perilous owing to the fact that gangs have taken over rural villages. In spite of this, the government has totally failed to act.

About Jose Manuel Gonzalez

Mr. Gonzalez made a name for himself by being the most prolific president of FERECAMARA. This is a Venezuelan trade union that acts as an umbrella body for all farmers in the country. While playing this role, he fearlessly defended farmers from oppressive government policies that have subjected them to abject poverty. Mr. Gonzalez is also a politician representing Guárico state in the National Assembly. He has ingratiated himself to farmers throughout the country. In the assembly, he has been selflessly advocating for policies that improve farmers’ welfare.