IAP Worldwide Develops Airport

One of IAP Worldwide Services‘ divisions is taking charge of the development of an air traffic control system in Afghanistan. This division is named Panama City-based Readiness Management Support. It is performing the development to support Operation Enduring Freedom in the Middle East. The air control center is located in the city of Kabul and it officially went into use on July 12. Its job is to provide positive control, non-radar, flight rule services that can be employed visually and instrumentally within Kabul. Its region of service is the Kabul Flight Information Region.

Panama City-based Readiness Management Support (RMS) is playing the role of Air Force Contract Augmentation Contractor. It has formed an economic partnership with the United States Air Force and its other subcontractors. They are working together to innovative new designs for airways and for the maintenance, delivery, and installation of communications equipment that will enhance coverage by radio waves in the region. Final fight checks will also be performed through the systems that IAP Worldwide Services’ subsidiary is building in Kabul. Major roles were also played by some of RMS’s subcontractors for this project. They provided air traffic control staff and procured systems, designs, and performed installations at 4 unique locations across Afghanistan.

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This makes it ideally suited for doing work commissioned by the U.S. military. He added that he had a team of exceptionally talented employees who were flexible in their work capacity and able to take on whatever challenges might be thrown at them even in the most difficult settings. IAP Worldwide Services staff are still present in Afghanistan coordinating activities with local staff to guarantee the continued successful operation of the facilities that they have constructed. The region has some of the most congested airspace in the world and that is why it is of the utmost importance that operations progress according to the highest standards of accuracy. The staff of IAP are proud to work alongside the Air Force on this project and seek to do whatever they can to help revitalize the infrastructure of Afghanistan. Dwight Clark, the vice president of IAP had nothing but kind, enthusiastic words for the staff under his employ. The conditions are demanding but IAP Worldwide staff are up to the task no matter what.


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