Cone Marshall: Only Firm in New Zealand Exclusively for International Trusts

Cone Marshall is a law firm based out of Auckland in New Zealand and specializes in giving advice about New Zealand laws to international clients
Karen Marshall worked for more than a decade for a law firm in London. Her experience is in managing trusts and she provides her advice to trustee companies. The range of her services includes attending to settlor requests, documenting action needs of the trust and other legal advisory. She has been a part of Cone Marshall since 2005.

Geoffrey Cone has been a lawyer since 1980. He started his practice in Auckland and after moving through locations such as Christchurch and West Indies, he came back to Auckland to establish Cone Marshall. He has experience in tax and trust advisory. Owing to the expertise and international experience of both Karen and Geoffrey, Cone Marshall has become a first of its kind firm in New Zealand. No other firm work only in international tax and trust planning.

Mr. Cone has long argues, with good evidence, that new Zealand is as transparent as it gets with respect to tax and that makes it a good place for people from elsewhere to place their assets at. The influx of foreign assets to New Zealand is due to this transparency and not because it is a tax haven. New Zealand has a very transparent tax structure and banking industry and the laws do not prohibit the country from sharing information with other sovereign states. All of these characteristics make it exactly opposite of how tax havens should be.

Hence the number of foreign trusts in New Zealand is on the rise. A lot of families and businesses are opting to place their assets in New Zealand via trusts. The trustees are required to maintain all legal documents which the government might share with other governments, should they ask for them. The documents include all the accounts information related to assets, liabilities, accounts receivables and accounts payables. All trustees operating in New Zealand must maintain records of their accounts according to the laws of the land. Due to the plethora of essential and transparent rules regarding operations and documentation, the international trustees require consultants to help them establish and run their trusts in New Zealand. Cone Marshall caters to this niche of clients. Cone Marshall works with the legal representatives of the interested families and does not solicit private clients.

David Osio is Offering Philanthropic Support to Local/Global Communities and Nonprofit Organizations

David Osio believes that through philanthropy, he can make the world a better place. His philanthropic endeavors focus on medical research, art, music, and people. He is known for his partnerships with non-profit organizations on a worldwide scale for over twenty years. He is an art enthusiast, and this was manifested when he contributed to the development of the Saludarte Foundation of Art that is situated in Miami.

Miami Symphony Orchestra

Osio has been a member of the Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO) board for several years. He believes that when organizations such as MISO are supported in terms of donations, they can support local talents in the community. Osio has also sponsored the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation by sponsoring its EPK events on a yearly basis. He is enthusiastic about medical researches that are conducted to remedy illnesses associated with children. Other notable philanthropic endeavors of Osio have focused on helping the UMA Foundation, the Wayuu Taya Foundation, and the Fundama Foundation.

Educational and Professional Background

David Osio attended the Catholic University Andres Bello that is situated in Caracas and graduated with honors in law. His professional law career began when he landed a job as a director at MGO. As the director, he provided legal advice to established firms like Consolidated Bank and Ferro. He served as an employee of the Banco Latino International (BLI). He was in charge of the company’s banking division because of his expertise in law and banking. Due to his commitment and efforts, Osio was appointed as the Vice President of the BLI’s Banking Commercial subsidiary. He was an alumnus of the Caracas-based Institute of Higher Administration Studies (IESA). He also joined the New York Institute of Finance and studied Management Investment Portfolios.

Osio served as OPED Enterprise’s president and chief executive officer. He was later tasked with the job of structuring marketing programs for LETCO Commercial Companies. He is serving CEO and founder of Davos Financial Group (DFG). The company was established in 1993, and it is focused on offering financial advice to its private clients. His CEO position allows him to oversee the ranks of his company on both domestic as well as international markets. Osio attributes the success of DFG to the training he obtained from the American Banking Association and the Swiss Bank Corporation. He has enabled the company to amass profits over the years and expand in the main cities such as Panama City, Geneva, New York, Lisbon and Miami.

Follow Osio on Twitter @davidosio

Madison Street Capital Nominated for the M&A Advisory Awards

The M&A Advisor is a very popular institution in the United States. Just recently, the company announced that Madison Street Capital, one of the most successful investment banking firms in the country as a finalist in the fifteenth Annual M&A Advisor Awards. Learn more.

In the last fifteen years, these awards have been very popular and respected in the United States. These awards are considered as a pinnacle of the success and achievement of individuals and companies in the finance industry. The awards are given to appreciate enterprises or people who are have shown excellence in deal making, financing and restructuring. The M&A Awards are used to celebrate the achievements and contributions of professionals and firms in the country.

This year, Madison Street Capital was nominated for two awards. The successful investment banking firm was nominated to the International and Industrial Deal of the Year and the Boutique Investment Banking Company of the year. Madison Street Capital was nominated for the International Industrial Deal of the Year because of the crucial role it played in the acquisition of Acuna an Asociados. The institution was acquired by one of the longest clients from Madison Street Capital, known as Dowco. Reports from the institution sat that the transaction was facilitated and led by Karl D’Cunha, the current Senior Managing Director for Madison Street Capital.

According to Karl, Madison Street Capital is excited to have been part of the transaction, and they are also happy that they were able to help Dowco in the acquisition of the Acuna and Asociados. The Founder of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway says that he is excited that his company was nominated for the special award because of the successful transaction. Charles says that his business employs a team of qualified deal makers who work extremely hard to try ad connect the clients with emerging and growing business that can meet their needs and facilitate growth and success.

The acquisition of Acuna and Asociados was a complicated affair. This is because the transaction was performed across the border, and many moving parts were involved. Karl says that it is a great honor for his organization to be recognized because of the hard work it performed during the transaction.

Reports from the institution say that the winners of the competition will be announced to the world in November. The celebrations will take place at the New York Athletic Club. Madison Street Capital hopes that they will be winners of the awards.

Madison Street Capital is a famous global investment banking company that is based in Chicago. The institution is committed to leadership, excellence, integrity and services in delivering corporate financial advisory services to the international community. The company has been very successful under the guidance of its CEO, Charles Botchway.

Brian Torchin and His Ability To Connect Medical Professionals To The Right Job

When it comes to locating the right position in the Medical field, professionals can count on good advice from Brian Torchin. There are many ways to make a good living in medicine and he knows them all. It is a fact that many professionals could spend years searching for their specialty, and too many of them get “burnt out” in the hunt for that perfect job. Brian understands this, and his company HCRC Staffing is dedicated to solving this issue before it has the chance to morph into burn out.

Once Brian Torchin received his Bachelor’s of Exercise Science at the University of Delaware he spent many years putting it to good use in the chiropractic field of medicine. The more time he spent working, the more he realized how hard it was to find just the right fit in a job involving the medical profession. Brian began to see the need for a company to match the right person to the perfect job and HCRC Staffing came into being. He is a busy man these days, still practicing medicine but also helping others to find satisfaction in their chosen fields.

Often, openings in the medical profession aren’t even listed publicly, and so Brian Torchin made it his mission to connect hospitals, clinics, any job in the medical profession with people qualified for the job. Many of his peers even now are enjoying the fruits of his labor. It’s safe to say that his company HCRC Staffing has more than met its goal, and his innovative idea continues to move forward helping others.

Brian well understands the frustration of looking for employment one knows they are qualified for and yet can’t locate. When jobs aren’t listed publicly, what’s a person to do? Best advice is to skip the “job search headache” and proceed directly to HCRC Staffing where one can expect to find all the help they need locating employment. Visiting his office is time well spent and avoids many frustrating hours online, or on foot searching for that perfect fit.