Hiring an Event Planner in NYC

Event planning can be a major task for individuals and companies. Hiring an event planner can take the pressure off the host, so they can enjoy the big event too. Before you hire a professional, there is some preparation needed. Your event objective, or purpose, needs to be first on the list. Make sure to understand how much you want to spend, but also you need to know why you are throwing the event in the first place. Also before going to a professional, make sure you know what they need to do. What tasks or resources do they need to handle? Also, determine the amount of money you wish to spend for the whole event, so the planner knows where the money needs to go. An event planning company in NYC can help with the rest of the massive task.

You need to research to find which event planning companies in NYC may serve your needs. Find event planners in NYC through professional affiliations can help you feel like they are qualified. Also, interview multiple planners if possible, so you can figure out who best suits your needs. Check references, because previous clients can always help you determine if they fit your needs. Also, it helps to note if they will listen your needs. Narrow your choices down to one and listen to their ideas and thoughts on the event. Make sure the event planner shows you their budget and their fine print. With the stress and demands of an event be ready to fire, rehire, or hire an all new event planner.

Twenty three layers is a high end event planning company in that can help with personal and corporate events. They are a full service event planning and design company that can help to plan and resource any needs for your event. Jessica Boskoff is the co-owner and founder of 23 layers, who has an eye for the details that make the event come together.

Real Estate Application

David Osio has done a lot of great work in the world of personal finance. His goal is to help as many people as possible in this field. One of the areas that David Osio has a lot of experience in is real estate. He recently developed a real estate application with his team that a lot of people are excited about. When it comes to real estate, acting fast is essential. There are a lot of people who are looking to take things to the next level in this area. The life of David Osio has been filled with a lot of great business accomplishments, and he wants to continue that in the coming years.

David Osio

From the time he was young, David Osio has worked to be a success in business. He did not come from wealth parents, but he is one of the richest people in the world today due to all of his success in business. There are a lot of people who look up to the success that he has had in a short period of time. If you want to start investing for your future, this is a great person to model yourself after. There are few people who have had as much success in business as he has.

Real Estate

There are a lot of important industries in the overall economy. However, there are few industries that have the importance of real estate. That is why David Osio and his team are so excited about all of the opportunities that are coming their way when it comes to real estate. He wants to take things to the next level for people around him in this area. If you want to start investing in real estate, his new application is going to help you make a more informed decision. With all of the competition in the industry today, having up to date information is more important than ever. Over the long term, David Osio has proven to be a valuable asset in the world of business. His success will continue in the future as long as he continues to innovate.

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Town Residential Opens a New Office

It is now three years since Town Residential became a fully -fledged real estate company in New York City. Since it was started, a lot of things have happened. The company has expanded its scope of service. The client base has also increased significantly. In an effort to accommodate its ever expanding service portfolio and client base, the company announced that it has opened another office in Manhattan. This becomes the 10th office since Town Residential started its operations in NYC.


The new outpost will simplify the company’s operations along the Hudson. Employees and clients will now be in proximity with the rich neighborhood, which is a number one destination for most tenants and developers. The employees will now be able to take clients along the High Line. Town leased the entire second floor of 446 W St 7,100. The new outlet has been designed to appeal to both the employees and brokers.


According to Town Residential CEO, they settled on the meat packing district because it has proved to be an epicenter of the city richest residential neighborhoods in the city. Town Residential has also opened other forces to increase its base of operation. Town was given the new building by its partner Thor Equities. According to Heiberger, this was one of the fruits of associating with Thor.


About Town Residential


Town Residential is a real estate firm that operates in New York City and Miami. The company was founded by Andrew Heiberger in 2010. The company has traversed the real estate landscape in NYC. It is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing companies in the city so far.


Behind Town’s success is a team of like-minded and future–oriented employees who have all the ingredients to deliver perfect services to their clients. An hour in Town Residential’s offices is an amazing experience. Several clients have expressed great satisfaction with the level of service they receive.


The company specializes in property development, redevelopment, management, leasing and marketing. It has served several clients since it began its operations three years ago. With Andrew Heiberger at the height of its leadership, the company is designed for a greater future.




George Soros Contributions to the Political Campaign

George Soros is one of the top investors in the world and has a very high net-worth because of all of the work he has done in this particular field. What sets George Soros apart from any other investors like himself is that he also works a lot with politics and this can help in a variety of different ways. In fact, he has worked very closely with the Clinton Foundation as well as Hillary Clinton when it comes to her role as becoming president of the United States of America.

George Soros helped to run and establish Hillary Clinton’s campaign so that she is able to reach more people in her mission of becoming president. This is what makes him one of the top contributors to the Clinton foundation and her campaign and this is why a lot of people are interested in knowing more about George Soros because of the fact that he has such a large role to play to the world. His contributions to the Clinton Foundation on topics.wsj.com as well as her campaign has made him a top contributor in this particular field and it is why many people are finding that it is actually beneficial to Hillary Clinton herself when it comes to getting people like this to back her up and get behind her mission in life.

In order to learn more about George Soros and his mission in life, you will want to visit his website and see what he is able to say and do for the General Public. You will find that George Soros has a variety of experience in the investment and philanthropist field and it is what makes him one of the top billionaires in the world. You can also learn more about George Soros by visiting his social media accounts and seeing what he is able to offer to people who are interested in learning more about him and the industry itself.

His contributions to Hillary Clinton as well as her presidential campaign has allowed her to truly grow in this amazing field and it allows for him to be one of the top campaign contribution experts out there. In order to learn more about George Soros and his contributions to the campaign, you can visit his website or social media accounts in order to learn more. Besides the fact that George Soros has a variety of experience in the investment industry, he is also one of the top entrepreneurs and philanthropists in the world and this is what makes him such a success in this particular industry. Lots of individuals are finding this professional to be a wonderful asset to them and their lifestyle because he gives Sound Advice to people who are also entrepreneurs and looking to make a success for themselves simply because they want to run and own their own businesses. You can learn more about George Soros and his company by going online and seeing what else is available to you at the current moment.