Hiring an Event Planner in NYC

Event planning can be a major task for individuals and companies. Hiring an event planner can take the pressure off the host, so they can enjoy the big event too. Before you hire a professional, there is some preparation needed. Your event objective, or purpose, needs to be first on the list. Make sure to understand how much you want to spend, but also you need to know why you are throwing the event in the first place. Also before going to a professional, make sure you know what they need to do. What tasks or resources do they need to handle? Also, determine the amount of money you wish to spend for the whole event, so the planner knows where the money needs to go. An event planning company in NYC can help with the rest of the massive task.

You need to research to find which event planning companies in NYC may serve your needs. Find event planners in NYC through professional affiliations can help you feel like they are qualified. Also, interview multiple planners if possible, so you can figure out who best suits your needs. Check references, because previous clients can always help you determine if they fit your needs. Also, it helps to note if they will listen your needs. Narrow your choices down to one and listen to their ideas and thoughts on the event. Make sure the event planner shows you their budget and their fine print. With the stress and demands of an event be ready to fire, rehire, or hire an all new event planner.

Twenty three layers is a high end event planning company in that can help with personal and corporate events. They are a full service event planning and design company that can help to plan and resource any needs for your event. Jessica Boskoff is the co-owner and founder of 23 layers, who has an eye for the details that make the event come together.

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