What You Need to Know About IAP and its Services

IAP Worldwide is a large organization with global success. It is a top hiring company in the United States currently having over 2,000 employees. The company performs a broad range of services such as the construction of buildings and maintenance of extensive facilities for the military. They also maintain civilian facilities and remote laboratories among other functions.

All the employees are well-trained so that they can perform these tasks with ease. When it comes to disaster, IAP is at the forefront and will be there at your beck and call.

Brief History

In the 1990s, Johnson Controls had a lot of contribution to factories and many other facilities to control their effects and impact to the environment. It was the through innovative energy and lighting. IAP Worldwide was founded in the year 1990 with original goals of providing generators to the US military who were then in Saudi Arabia desert. Later on, they also provided military support in Desert Storm.

It continued working with the United States Army, and since then it is still a trusted organization and a partner of the military in the US. In the year 2004, IAP Worldwide won government contracts which were over $370 million because of the hard work and trust that it had gained over the years since it was founded.

In 2005, IAP became IAP Worldwide Services after acquiring Johnson Controls. Since the merge, IAP has three major issues which it focuses on. They include; global logistics, professional and technical services as well as offering base operation support to the military. The organization also has a presence on Social media with a Facebook page that is attractive and a YouTube Channel too.

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Success of IAP Worldwide

It has been operational for over six decades now. For those years, the organization has had a lot of achievements and has launched many projects which have been successful. For instance, in the year 1953, IAP Worldwide was present to offer support in launching 2,500 rockets built by Pan Am World Services based in Florida. They have still kept their goal of maintaining the facility even today. Also, you can have a look at kayescholar.com and read more about the achievements of IAP.

When it comes to offering jobs, they are always ready to accept applications through their LinkedIn account, and they are looking for hardworking and energetic people who can join their team and work with them to bring change.

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