Alexandre Gama: Neogama and Beyond

Born in 1958, Alexandre Gama is a Brazilian advertising executive and creative entrepreneur based in Rio De Janeiro. His career in advertising began in 1982 when he worked as a copywriter, and since then he has gained extensive international experience running campaigns and developing brands. A trailblazer in his field, Alexandre Gama was the first Brazilian to run Bartle Bogle Hegarty, an international advertising agency.


Alexandre Gama founded the advertising agency Neogama in 1999 and serves as its CEO to this day. A highly successful firm, Neogama got off to a fast start and was honored with an award at the Cannes Festival in its first year of existence.

Other Activities

Outside of his work in the advertising industry, Alexandre Gama spends time working in the arts. He created VIOLAB, a project that promotes the best Brazilian acoustic guitar players, and his activities in the film industry include serving as a judge and panelist at several notable international film festivals. An artist himself, Alexandre Gama has exhibited his work at the Brazilian Art Museum. In short, he is a highly accomplished businessman with an aptitude for the arts, and he has been at the helm of many successful ventures.


Andrea McWilliams: the Leading Texas-based lobbyist and entrepreneur

Andrea McWilliams is a political fundraiser, strategist, and lobbyist from Texas. Andrea is also a philanthropist and is involved in various community volunteer programs. She is married and has three children.

Andrea McWilliams’ career

Andrea began her career as a chief of staff. During her tenure in this office, she gained experience on how to run governmental affairs. Her interaction with politicians offered her an opportunity to learn politics and campaign strategies. Andrea later established her company McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultants, a firm that specializes in raising funds for political aspirants as well as managing their campaigns. For years, Andrea has been running activities of this company together with her husband, Dean McWilliams.

Andrea’s philanthropic activities and recognitions

Andrea is a board member of various non-profit organizations in the country. She funds nonprofits such as the Rise Across Texas Challenge, the Elizabeth Ann Seton Hospital, Mexi-Arte Museum, and Texas Lyceum. Andrea also supports cancer organizations such as KillCancer Foundation and the distinguished Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. These two agencies serve to raise cancer awareness in the country. Andrea is very vocal about children rights and supports the Centre for Child Protection. She is a member of the Texas Emerald Ball Committee and chairs the University of Texas Blanton Museum.

Andrea is also involved in various fund raising activities. One of the major events she was involved in was the “Dancing with the Stars,” where she served as a celebrity dancer. Andrea spends part of her time mentoring and empowering young women. For years, she has received various awards and recognitions. She is the winner of the Austin Under 40” Award, the Profiles in Power Award, Woman of Distinction Award, and the Styler Setter Award. Her works in the political arena have been recognized by various magazines and media houses such as USA Today, FOX News, NPR, the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, BBC, and CNN.

Mr. Brian Bonar’s History Of Success

Brian Bonar is a person with an unmatched talent and a personality with lots of experience and knowledge in the financial sector. He holds many high positions in various firms. Currently, Mr. Bonar serves as the CEO and the Chairman of Trucept Incorporated and Dalrada Financial Corporation.

Brian Bonar graduated from James Watt Technical College with a Bachelor’s degree in Technical Engineering and from the prestigious Stafford University; he earned his Masters in Mechanical Engineering.

Later on, Brian Bonar went to Staffordshire University to continue with his studies, while there he obtained his Masters Degree in Business Administration and continued to pursue a doctorate in the same university.

His academic qualifications bring out his expertise in both managerial and technical skills which in today’s corporate world is the perfect recipe for success. Add with it over forty years of experience, and you can never go astray in any industry.

Mr. Brian Bonar has almost eighteen years working with IBM only. While he was there, he held office as a procurement manager. After gathering lots of ground experience, Mr. Bonar searched for employment at QMS and got hired as the Director of Engineering where Mr. Bonar managed a team of a hundred staff members.

Before opening his firm known as Bezier, he had held office at another company called Adaptec where he worked as the sales manager.

After a few years of juggling different jobs, Mr. Bonar finally found a place where he got sustainable momentum, success, and career growth at a firm known as Dalrada Financial Services. Brian Bonar is known for his strategic skills and extensive experience in acquisitions and mergers helping in creating a balanced negotiation and building a mutually beneficial merger structure.

One of his notable achievements includes the Who’s Who America award which he won in the year 2000. Mr. Bonar is known to his peers as a very friendly, intrinsically, and helpful, intelligent person, who stands up to challenges like taking risks and draws the results of his actions beforehand via his years of experience in finance industry.

Currently, his firm Trucept has provided businesses of large and small sizes with the management solution and comprehensive business plan so that they can stay ahead of competition from their rivals of activities.

The primary objective of Trucept is to assist its client’s firm focus on their business goals and growth while letting Trucept take care of the subordinate business activities. Some of the services which Trucept is contracted for include Managing taxes, payroll, handling employee’s benefits as well as offering financial parameters via reporting and data mining.

When Brian Bonar is not working, he engages himself in activities like fishing, playing Golf, or spending quality time with his family.

Gill Style Places Special Empahsis on Memorial Healths’ Care Objectives:

Maggie Gill is the illustrious leader–CEO–of the progressive health care institution: Memorial Health. She brings compassion and financial strength to the well-respected healthcare institution. It is Gill’s style and determination that assures health objectives are carried out to the optimum level; and at an affordable price for the recipient. Could the preceding reasons be cause for Ms. Gill’s recognition as: “135 Nonprofit Hospital and Health System CEOs to Know in 2016″? Undoubtedly, so.

However, the preceding said: Maggie recently reached a decision to move in other directions, as to her career. She intends on leaving MUMC in order to pursue other areas of professional interest. The decision was announced at the beginning of the month of February of this year. The text that follows, provides details, relative to the impressive profile and leadership, Gill has provided the folks at MUMC in Savannah, Georgia.

Maggie Gill joined the Memorial University Medical Center team as Vice President of Finance and Managed Care in 2004. She was promoted to COO in 2005. She was named the healthcare institution’s President and CEO in 2011.

During Ms. Gill’s tenure she has provided a unique level of leadership—overseeing the work of Vice-Presidents, Sr. V.Ps and Physician Leaders at the progressive MUMC. She is responsible for: relations, amongst physicians, governmental agencies, the internal audit function, the MHUP—which stands for Memorial Health University Physicians; the Orthopedic and Neuroscience Programs, the Heart and Vascular Institute, the Financial Assistance section, Corporate Communications area, the Facilities Management area of the Healthcare organization, Trauma Services, and Perioperative Services.

Prior to coming on board at MUMC, Maggie spent five years as the Chief Financial Officer at Tenet South Florida Health System. She attained the Tenet ‘Outstanding CFO’ award—three times running. She worked, within the system, at: Palmetto General Hospital in Hialeah, FL, the North Shore Medical Center in Miami, and Coral Gables Hospital in beautiful Coral Gables, Florida.

At the beginning of February of 2017, Maggie announced her decision, to the Board at MUMC, to pursue other professional directives. The decision to move in another direction is that of Maggie’s—solely—since the Board at MUMC is quite impressed with her performance, as leader, of the progressive healthcare institution. Ms. Gill, however, has not issued an exit date. She is quite willing to stay on—making the transition as smooth and amiable process.

Maggie earned a Bachelor’ Degree, with Honors from Florida State University. She earned an MBA with Honors from Saint Leo University in Florida. She has completed additional training at the Wharton School in way of Strategic Thinking and Management. Ms. Gill’s achievements, career-wise, are quite impressive. Naturally, everyone wishes Maggie the best.


Why USHEALTH Group Won the Gold Stevie Award, Insurance Category

Last year on June, 20, USHEALTH Group walked away with the Gold Stevie Award, in the Company of the Year in the category of Insurance. The Group was announced the winner of this title during the 14th Annual American Business Awards that took place at the Marriot Marquis Hotel.

While accepting the award, the President, and CEO of the Group, Troy McQuagge said that the honor belongs to all the employees and the dedicated career agents that have made the Group their professional Home. According to the Founder and President of the Stevie Awards, the companies that won ought to feel very proud because the competition was quite intense.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, USHEALTH Group provides insurance solutions to individuals, families as well as companies. Through its licensed health and life insurance firms, the Group offers quality coverage to policyholders which cover aspects of sickness and accidents, critical illnesses, short-term accident disability income insurance, as well as life and dental coverage among many others.

The Group’s mission is to offer the consumers protection against financial hardships arising from unexpected illnesses or injuries. USHEALTH Group simply endeavors to give their clients peace of mind by ensuring affordability of financial protection through its various insurance coverages. All its operations, decisions and strategies are driven by the desire to have in place a premier health insurance firm in America that is dedicated to the delivery of exceptional value and service to its customers. USHEALTH looks forward to the day it will become the Company of Choice for all its key customers, stakeholders, employees and agents.

Affordability and reliability are the two primary aspects that dictate the product portfolio of USHEALTH Group. Whether an individual is looking for daily medical expense or just want to have enough peace of mind with the knowledge that he or she is covered in case of severe unforeseen medical problems, the USHEALTH can be of great help. Having been in the industry for more than 50 cumulative years, the company has managed to attend to the insurance needs of over 15 million customers. It is almost impossible not to trust the unmatchable mix of innovation and experience that USHEALTH Group has to offer.

Norman Pattiz is the Man to Watch in the Broadcasting Sector

Norman Pattiz is a resident of Beverly Hills. For nearly three decades, he has been married to Dr. Marry Turner Pattiz. He is responsible for establishing and building several successful firms in the broadcasting sector, including PodcastOne, Westwood One, and Courtside Entertainment Group. He was lucky to participate in making critical decisions as an executive member of the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the U.S. during the tenure of two former U.S. Presidents: Clinton and Bush. Learn more:


What inspired Pattiz to form PodcastOne?


After leaving Westwood One, Pattiz met Kit Gray, who served as a representative of podcasts owned by other people. Pattiz developed interests in what Gray was doing, and they started working together. According to Pattiz, their four-year journey has been successful.


Promoting productivity


Norman Pattiz engages in almost all activities at PodcastOne. He is involved in talent acquisition, technology, and ad sales. He gets updates on the performance of the company from his assistant on a daily basis.


Actualizing ideas


Pattiz believes implementation is everything. He listens keenly to great ideas regularly and then evaluates PodcastOne’s capacity for execution.


What trend excites Pattiz?


Today, content consumption has become completely democratic. Pattiz believes that there are numerous pathways for delivering content to the public. Before launching a podcast, Pattiz and his team conduct research to establish if the program has convincing odds of becoming successful.


Advice to budding entrepreneurs


Pattiz advises ambitious entrepreneurs to strive to read the trades in their lines of business. They should also find out who are the key players in their sectors. Carrying out intensive market research can help them in making informed investment decisions.


Norman Pattiz


Norman Pattiz is a recognized entrepreneur with more than 40 years of professional expertise in radio syndication. He created PodcastOne and currently oversees all its operational initiatives as the executive chairman. He became a household name in the broadcasting industry after establishing Westwood One and guided it to become a trusted provider of entertainment, news, talk, sports, and traffic programming in the U.S. In 2010, Pattiz unveiled Courtside Entertainment Group to create and circulate quality Programming.


Being a visionary entrepreneur, Pattiz discovered that the audio-on-demand sector had numerous untapped opportunities. Therefore, he founded PodcastOne towards the end of 2012. Under his leadership, PodcastOne became the top producer and distributor of high-quality audio on-demand programming. Towards the end of 2016, Norman Pattiz announced the addition of an interesting paranormal podcast called Beyond the Darkness on PodcastOne’s Jericho Collection Network.

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Anthony Petrello Great Contribution To Medical Research On Neurological Problems

As the President, Chairman and the CEO of Nabors, Anthony Petrello, and his wife use their wealth to support philanthropic initiatives in Texas. Anthony is committed to donating millions of dollars to medical research as well as taking membership in different boards across the US.

Anthony Petrello is extremely passionate about family. He is a proud father of a 20 years old daughter. Petrello has derived his big heart and commitment to charity from his daughter. Despite Anthony Petrello having a child suffering from neurological problems, he has demonstrated immense love for her. He has used a lot of resources seeking for solutions to the ailment.

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The challenges facing Carena Petrello triggered him to support various medical research looking forward to finding the cure for Periventricular Leukomalacia (PLV). Anthony took the initiative to donate his finances to ensure that the cure for the brain disease is found. His daughter’s condition motivated him to put his money in the search for a cure as a way of ensuring that no any other child born with PLV suffers. Besides, the aim was to allow all children to enjoy a normal life just like any other healthy kids.

Texas Children Hospital is some of the medical facilities that have benefited from Anthony Petrello philanthropy. This hospital is committed to helping numerous children suffering from neurological ailments. Jan and Duncan Neurological Research Institute is one of the centers within the hospital specializing in PLV and other neurological problems studies. Texas children hospital captured Anthony’s attention by attending to her daughter’s health needs. Consequently, he joined the board of trustees of the organization as a way of extending his philanthropic deeds to many more kids.

Anthony Petrello has also shown significant dedication to philanthropy through his leadership in Nabors Industries Limited. He has led the company to support series of runs aimed at helping raise money to cure people who have breast cancer as well as honoring patients who have recovered from it. Anthony and his team have a mentorship program in Nabors Limited to assist students to become future leaders. Nabors also donates money to empower these students to realize their full leadership potential after school.

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The Brilliant Mike Baur Founder of Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur has been passionate about what goes around in the banking industry since he was a teen. While he was being brought up in Fribourg, Switzerland he made his mission to achieve his dream of starting a professional in the banking industry,


Beur began the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014 that is based in Zurich this is an accelerator that takes 3 months and provides services that range from mentoring, coaching as well as networking for the entrepreneurs assisting the companies to achieve their targets. The firm has established network not only in Switzerland but also other parts of the world. Swiss Startup Factory has been recognized as the leading financial advisor in Switzerland’s.


Mike Beur has over 20 years of experience in the banking sector in Switzerland, he is one of the founding partners of the Swiss Startup Factory. He serves as the fundraiser as well as financial rounding at the firm however, Baur has built his career from the bottom, and he has worked his way up starting as a commercial apprentice at UBS to the position of an executive for the leading private Swiss Private Bank. At the age of 39, he began his entrepreneur journey and he supports a number of other startups in Switzerland. Apart from serving as financial advisor, he is also a mentor to other startups.


Beur attended the University of Rochester in New York from here he earned a Master’s degree in Business Administration. He also has obtained an Executive MBA from Bern. He has also formally worked for both Clariden as well as Sallfort banking industries prior to starting his own startup. The motivation of Bear in the SSUF is to assist other startups, align them with the right investors while coaching as well as evaluating them in all their development levels.


Recently, Baur’s company SSUF revealed that they have a plan to start an accelerator program that will assist in assisting the Geneva-based fintech companies. The company is working together with the Fusion, a fintech accelerator.


According to reports has revealed that once both Zurich-based Accelerator Swiss Startup Factory and Geneva-based Fintech Accelerator Fusion partnered up it will improve both financial companies outcomes. These companies are aiming to collaborate on various things such as pre-selection process for startup, cooperation with universities, acceleration of startups, mentor network exchange program, shared offices spaces as well as joint ventures. This collaboration will assist both firms to increase efficiency as well as the effectiveness of their work.


The Lung Institute Expert Gives Key Global Speech On Stem Cell Research

Dr. Jack Coleman has played a pivotal role in the development of The Lung Institute at Baylor College of Medicine since the medical center was formed in 2014; recently, Dr. Coleman gave a keynote address to the Third Congress on Responsible Stem Cell Research, during which he discussed the changing face of stem cell research and treatments in the 21st century. One of the areas highlighted by Dr. Coleman in his speech given in Padua, Italy was the need for a change in regulations that should allow a lower cost to be achieved for research and trials for stem cell treatments, these savings could then be passed on to patients.

The Lung Institute may have only been in place since 2014, but this impressive clinic presided over by Dr. David Sugarbaker is already building a major global reputation as one of the world’s best respected specialist lung medical treatment providers. Dr. Sugarbaker has brought in experts from the Baylor School of Medicine and Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center to create a specialist team of experts who can handle all aspects of treatment and diagnosis.

Not only does The Lung Institute at Baylor College of Medicine look to create a specialist treatment plan for all patients looking to receive assistance with stem cell options the medical center also provides a range of specialist services to aid the patient and their family. In an effort to take a proactive approach to lung issues the Institute has employed a number of specialists in areas such as dieticians, physical therapists, and social workers who can aid with almost every issue associated with lung based medical problems.

In his address in Padua, Italy Dr. Coleman is looking to highlight many of the advances that have been made in stem cell research and treatments at The Lung Institute; Dr. Coleman explained the many ways the use of stem cell treatments can be faster acting than traditional forms of medicine that use a more trial and error approach to treating a patient. Alongside the many advances seen in stem cell research and treatments Dr. Coleman also discussed the moral and ethical issues surrounding the stem cell industry, which he believes has a duty to make sure treatments and diagnostic research is provided to all patients at a price that allows everybody to benefit from the latest advances in technology. For more information, visit the website,

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Squaw Valley Water Statement- Public Safety Top Concern


In October, 2016, an unusually heavy rain fell at Squaw Valley and the surrounding area. In the days following that rain, it was discovered that the water from a newly installed water system was contaminated. High levels of E. coli and coliform bacteria. No individual has reported any type of illness from coming in contact with the water.

Immediately, health officials with Placer County was notified. The water system at Gold Coast and High Camp was quickly disabled. Bottled water was brought in to serve to guest. The facility remains open for everyone to enjoy.


Squaw Valley considers the safety of its guests paramount in all situations. They have not only worked with the Placer County representatives, but they have worked with other leading health officials. The system will not be reopened until every health official believes that it is safe to do so. We appreciate the trust that our guests continue to put in us. Top to bottom skiing is open. It will remain open as long as weather conditions allow.


The restaurants at the north end of Squaw Valley remain closed. Guests can find many other delicious options located nearby. The restaurants will not reopen until the water problems have been completely solved. While we understand that this causes a minor inconvenience, we want to ensure the public that we are taking all precautions.


We are so thankful for the great cooperation we have received from Placer County and the Squaw Valley Public Service District. We look forward to continuing to work with them until this issue is fully resolved.

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