Anthony Petrello Great Contribution To Medical Research On Neurological Problems

As the President, Chairman and the CEO of Nabors, Anthony Petrello, and his wife use their wealth to support philanthropic initiatives in Texas. Anthony is committed to donating millions of dollars to medical research as well as taking membership in different boards across the US.

Anthony Petrello is extremely passionate about family. He is a proud father of a 20 years old daughter. Petrello has derived his big heart and commitment to charity from his daughter. Despite Anthony Petrello having a child suffering from neurological problems, he has demonstrated immense love for her. He has used a lot of resources seeking for solutions to the ailment.

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The challenges facing Carena Petrello triggered him to support various medical research looking forward to finding the cure for Periventricular Leukomalacia (PLV). Anthony took the initiative to donate his finances to ensure that the cure for the brain disease is found. His daughter’s condition motivated him to put his money in the search for a cure as a way of ensuring that no any other child born with PLV suffers. Besides, the aim was to allow all children to enjoy a normal life just like any other healthy kids.

Texas Children Hospital is some of the medical facilities that have benefited from Anthony Petrello philanthropy. This hospital is committed to helping numerous children suffering from neurological ailments. Jan and Duncan Neurological Research Institute is one of the centers within the hospital specializing in PLV and other neurological problems studies. Texas children hospital captured Anthony’s attention by attending to her daughter’s health needs. Consequently, he joined the board of trustees of the organization as a way of extending his philanthropic deeds to many more kids.

Anthony Petrello has also shown significant dedication to philanthropy through his leadership in Nabors Industries Limited. He has led the company to support series of runs aimed at helping raise money to cure people who have breast cancer as well as honoring patients who have recovered from it. Anthony and his team have a mentorship program in Nabors Limited to assist students to become future leaders. Nabors also donates money to empower these students to realize their full leadership potential after school.

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