Gill Style Places Special Empahsis on Memorial Healths’ Care Objectives:

Maggie Gill is the illustrious leader–CEO–of the progressive health care institution: Memorial Health. She brings compassion and financial strength to the well-respected healthcare institution. It is Gill’s style and determination that assures health objectives are carried out to the optimum level; and at an affordable price for the recipient. Could the preceding reasons be cause for Ms. Gill’s recognition as: “135 Nonprofit Hospital and Health System CEOs to Know in 2016″? Undoubtedly, so.

However, the preceding said: Maggie recently reached a decision to move in other directions, as to her career. She intends on leaving MUMC in order to pursue other areas of professional interest. The decision was announced at the beginning of the month of February of this year. The text that follows, provides details, relative to the impressive profile and leadership, Gill has provided the folks at MUMC in Savannah, Georgia.

Maggie Gill joined the Memorial University Medical Center team as Vice President of Finance and Managed Care in 2004. She was promoted to COO in 2005. She was named the healthcare institution’s President and CEO in 2011.

During Ms. Gill’s tenure she has provided a unique level of leadership—overseeing the work of Vice-Presidents, Sr. V.Ps and Physician Leaders at the progressive MUMC. She is responsible for: relations, amongst physicians, governmental agencies, the internal audit function, the MHUP—which stands for Memorial Health University Physicians; the Orthopedic and Neuroscience Programs, the Heart and Vascular Institute, the Financial Assistance section, Corporate Communications area, the Facilities Management area of the Healthcare organization, Trauma Services, and Perioperative Services.

Prior to coming on board at MUMC, Maggie spent five years as the Chief Financial Officer at Tenet South Florida Health System. She attained the Tenet ‘Outstanding CFO’ award—three times running. She worked, within the system, at: Palmetto General Hospital in Hialeah, FL, the North Shore Medical Center in Miami, and Coral Gables Hospital in beautiful Coral Gables, Florida.

At the beginning of February of 2017, Maggie announced her decision, to the Board at MUMC, to pursue other professional directives. The decision to move in another direction is that of Maggie’s—solely—since the Board at MUMC is quite impressed with her performance, as leader, of the progressive healthcare institution. Ms. Gill, however, has not issued an exit date. She is quite willing to stay on—making the transition as smooth and amiable process.

Maggie earned a Bachelor’ Degree, with Honors from Florida State University. She earned an MBA with Honors from Saint Leo University in Florida. She has completed additional training at the Wharton School in way of Strategic Thinking and Management. Ms. Gill’s achievements, career-wise, are quite impressive. Naturally, everyone wishes Maggie the best.


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