Mr. Brian Bonar’s History Of Success

Brian Bonar is a person with an unmatched talent and a personality with lots of experience and knowledge in the financial sector. He holds many high positions in various firms. Currently, Mr. Bonar serves as the CEO and the Chairman of Trucept Incorporated and Dalrada Financial Corporation.

Brian Bonar graduated from James Watt Technical College with a Bachelor’s degree in Technical Engineering and from the prestigious Stafford University; he earned his Masters in Mechanical Engineering.

Later on, Brian Bonar went to Staffordshire University to continue with his studies, while there he obtained his Masters Degree in Business Administration and continued to pursue a doctorate in the same university.

His academic qualifications bring out his expertise in both managerial and technical skills which in today’s corporate world is the perfect recipe for success. Add with it over forty years of experience, and you can never go astray in any industry.

Mr. Brian Bonar has almost eighteen years working with IBM only. While he was there, he held office as a procurement manager. After gathering lots of ground experience, Mr. Bonar searched for employment at QMS and got hired as the Director of Engineering where Mr. Bonar managed a team of a hundred staff members.

Before opening his firm known as Bezier, he had held office at another company called Adaptec where he worked as the sales manager.

After a few years of juggling different jobs, Mr. Bonar finally found a place where he got sustainable momentum, success, and career growth at a firm known as Dalrada Financial Services. Brian Bonar is known for his strategic skills and extensive experience in acquisitions and mergers helping in creating a balanced negotiation and building a mutually beneficial merger structure.

One of his notable achievements includes the Who’s Who America award which he won in the year 2000. Mr. Bonar is known to his peers as a very friendly, intrinsically, and helpful, intelligent person, who stands up to challenges like taking risks and draws the results of his actions beforehand via his years of experience in finance industry.

Currently, his firm Trucept has provided businesses of large and small sizes with the management solution and comprehensive business plan so that they can stay ahead of competition from their rivals of activities.

The primary objective of Trucept is to assist its client’s firm focus on their business goals and growth while letting Trucept take care of the subordinate business activities. Some of the services which Trucept is contracted for include Managing taxes, payroll, handling employee’s benefits as well as offering financial parameters via reporting and data mining.

When Brian Bonar is not working, he engages himself in activities like fishing, playing Golf, or spending quality time with his family.

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