Clay Siegall Passionate About Every Aspect Of His Business

Clay Siegall is the kind of guy that does not let one thing identify who he is. A lot of successful cancer researchers may hang their hat on the fact that they are smart enough to investigate this disease. But the CEO of Seattle Genetics is passionate about all facets of his business as well as the NFL, space and the country’s political climate when it comes to healthcare.

You can skip on over to his blog if you want to see just how eclectic the man really is. He posts about NFL player movements in the off-season just as much as he posts about healthcare. He also shares with the world how interesting and unique space is with articles by NASA. Apparently, a star is creeping a little bit too close to a black hole and slowly getting absorbed by the giant ball of mass. NASA is watching the entire dance unfold and Clay Siegall wants to share that with you.

Clay Siegall wasn’t always the CEO of a multibillion dollar company. During the 80s and 90s he worked for a variety of different health institutes as a scientist investigating cancer. He slowly began to realize that each cancer is individually different which would require an entire array of different treatments in order to attack the disease as efficiently as possible.

He took his deep understanding of cancer and cofounded Seattle Genetics with another cancer scientist. The company went public in 2001 and he has been busy raising money for the cause ever since. He has infused his company with over $1.2 billion that is dedicated to research and treatments. But when he talks to different news media outlets, he is just as passionate about distribution, licensing, vertical integration and everything else that has to do with his business.

I feel confident that we will come up with some sort of cancer cure in the near future because of men like Clay Siegall. If he is really focused on all the different aspects of his company, and he is as eclectic as his blog shows him to be, we have a great leader in the healthcare world.


The Reason Don Ressler Builds Customer Relationships

At its deepest level on Forbes, business is relationship. People have to have a working relationship so that they can give each other something in the deal. Without a good relationship, businesses suffer. Therefore, it is important that these relationships are maintained. However, many companies tend to use the take it or leave it approach when it comes to business. This is especially the case in retail. Barely any small talk is made. Also, very little effort is made to know what the customer wants. Fortunately, the internet has given people a different way to profit off of their business. Don Ressler demonstrates it with his TechStyle group.

One of the ways that Don Ressler uses the internet to his advantage is by getting to know the customer before she makes the purchases. One thing Don Ressler does is have the customer take a survey which she leaves important information about herself beyond where she lives. She is able to state her preferences. Afterwards, she is directed to the page where she is able to shop among the outfits based on the information she gives the site. Of course she is free to try other styles. This is one of the best ways to keep a customer.

When a company does what it can to develop a relationship with the customer, then it shows the customer that the company cares about her. Therefore, she will feel more comfortable shopping for the company on LinkedIn. At the same time, she will not only shop more for the company, but she will feel more special at the store. Fabletics is almost like having a tailoring service for the individual. At the same time, TechStyle actually has a personal styling service.

The fashion industry at does seem to be making leaps and bounds. One of the signs of the fashion industry making a lot of progress is that there are stores that are truly offering very unique products for men and women. An even greater sign is that people are saving money on high quality items. Earlier times, people would have to spend hundreds of dollars on something that would just rip on them.

Beverly Hills Auto Group Delivers

Always dreamed of owning a BMW? Have a trade-in to get rid of? Then Beverly Hills Auto Group is the place to be! Beverly Hills Auto Group will get you in and driving out in the car you have always dreamed of having. And you’ll get to enjoy the perks of buying a used BMW-like lower insurance rates and not having to lose a ton due to rapid depreciation the second you drive off the lot.

Buying from Beverly Hills Auto Group is not like your usual car dealership experience-they don’t have pushy salespeople and their vehicles will pass any safety or mechanical inspection. They are so confident at Beverly Hills Auto Group, that they even encourage you to bring in your own mechanic to check things out. So let Beverly Hills Auto Group get you pre-approved and into the car that you want-a BMW. So give them a shot.


OSI Group Is On The Cutting Edge Of Food Processing

OSI Group (OSI) is privately held, and one of the largest food processing companies in the world. OSI is a true believer that every person has the ability to make a difference in this world.

They also believe their present, as well as the future success depends on attracting the brightest and the best in the industry. OSI operates on the premise that a climate of encouragement and support will help people develop and grow to the best they can be.

Employment opportunities available with OSI can be found at all levels of experience. OSI is an ever growing company and always on the lookout for individuals with experience wanting to broaden their horizons or for the recent graduate looking to get a foothold in a career where they can grow.

OSI works to create and manufacture the best products to meet the needs, specifications and expectations and to help design and develop manufacturing supply chain solutions to address even the most complex challenges.

OSI operates a number of plants in the United States under the name of OSI Industries, LLC and are located in California, Wisconsin, Utah, Iowa and Illinois. The company produces private label food brands and conducts co-packing operations major brand name products for Food Service and Retail customers. OSI Group also operates more than 65 facilities in more than 17 countries around the world in locations including the Asia Pacific region, Eastern and Western Europe and North America.

The OSI Group products include dough and vegetable products, poultry, pork and fish, pizza, hot dogs, bacon and meat patties. The company also is also a supplier for fast food chains in China, including Pizza Hut, Papa John’s Pizza, Starbucks and Subway.

In 2016, OSI was named to the Forbes list of the largest private companies, checking in at number 58 with sales topping $6 billion.

Careers Available At The Wessex Institute Of Technology

The Wessex Institute of Technology is an educational and research facility that is located in the South of England. Wessex mission is to provide academics and professionals a way to exchange information. The institute does this through research, holding several annual conferences, and publishing through it WIT Press branch.

There are several career opportunities available at the Wessex Institute. Among the positions available is those for student interns. According to, the position available right now for a student intern would be focused on healthcare policy, management, and research. Another position that the institute hires for is Public Involvement Officer. In this role would be involved in several ways at Wessex including collaborating on research with others, analyzing data as it pertains to business decisions, creating workshops and other training events, and working with patients along with other duties.

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