Lori Senecal Shares the Motivation Behind Her Success

Lori Senecal is regarded as one of the driving forces behind the success of the advertising industry. Her robust persona and in-depth understanding of the industry has enabled her develop innovative advertising strategies, which have greatly transformed all the companies that she has served. Recently, she shared her insights about the industry, and the inspiration behind her success.

Lori points out that she developed an interest in advertising during her high school years. During this time, she was also a gymnastics coach. This gave her the opportunity to nurture her leadership and organizational skills because gymnastics is an individual and team sport. It similarly gave her the opportunity to learn more about setting individual and team goals, something that has been the hallmark of her professional life.

The Money Question and Fighting Apprehension

According to Ms. Senecal, the only way of making money in her career is ensuring that clients make money. Performance and perseverance are key to anyone who wants to have a successful advertising career. Since her tentative years, she always envisioned herself as a successful ad executive because she was always motivated to develop ad campaigns that are penetrative.

This motivation is what enabled her advertising agency, KBS to achieve prominence within a short time in business. Just like it is the case when starting any other business, she was initially apprehensive about her chances of making it in a market dominated by multinationals. Nonetheless, her focus, ambition, and belief helped her fight the apprehension.

Lori Senecal in Brief

Lori is the current Global Head of operations at CP+B, an advertising agency. She is among the most prominent female executives in the ad industry. Previously, she was the global leader at Kirshenbaum Bond and Senecal. Since her childhood, Lori always set high standards for herself. This is what has catapulted her to success on the global corporate scene.

The Montreal native graduated from McGill University before embarking on her career. Before venturing into entrepreneurship, she was McCann Erickson’s head of New York office. During this time, she brought on board notable global corporations such as Xbox and Coca Cola. She has also created ad campaigns for BMW, Home Goods, and Pink Secret. For more details, visit her LinkedIn account.

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