How Julie Zuckerberg Monitors Human Health In Exercise And Recruitment Methods Alike

The fitness of the human body is as important as the fitness of a potential employment candidate is a mantra practiced by Julie Zuckerberg, whose core career role entails identifying which candidates have the traits to succeed and flourish in a new career environment. As an executive recruiter, Zuckerberg decides which potential candidates can yield positive results, a skill that has been utilized in the exercise world as well- deciding which physical activities yield health positive results.


Attending Brooklyn College in New York, Zuckerberg completed a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, before securing the role of a human resources hiring manager at Hudson. It was there that the field of recruiting and talent acquisition became a career for Zuckerberg, having carefully honed skills in the human resources sector would contribute to gaining industry-wide respect from peers, leading to the eventual acceptance of a career-changing role in Zuckerberg’s journey- executive recruiter at Citibank. Currently the Executive Recruitment lead at Deutsche Bank, Zuckerberg has a proven track record of executive recruitment success as well as fitness success. Zuckerberg’s continued passion for health has been documented and published in a recent article that promotes individual growth and evolution with a properly regimented fitness routine. Emphasizing the importance of overall physical fitness as well as job fitness, Zuckerberg enthusiastically combines the worlds of executive recruitment and physical exercise and shares the results of disciplined exercise structure with readers. Exercise, specifically interval training, or breaking up repetitious exercise patterns with downgrading or upgrading of duration and repetitions, specifically targeting cardiovascular performance, is suggested by Zuckerburg as an effective method of exercise. As defined by Zuckerburg, “Interval training is simply alternating intense exercise with less strenuous activity.”


In a recent article, this talent acquisition specialist shares six reasons why interval training might be a method of fitness that others should try. Not only does interval training produce “solid results in less time”, oxygen circulation is more effective, helping to “increase stamina and aerobic capacity”, all while producing extremely desirable weight loss results. Heart health and overall system function are also noted by Julie Zuckerburg as important areas that show improved outcomes as a result of consistent participation in interval training.


Zuckerburg is active on several social media communication channels including Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. A freelance digital artist, Zuckerberg participates in art appreciation as a hobby, having once created and published cartoons for a design company. As an active member of the community, Zuckerburg contributes to several organizations and hopes to beam light on causes close to heart including animal welfare and human rights campaigns.


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