James Dondero’s Big Alternative Investment Predictions Told By Barron’s

James Dondero has been the CEO of Highland Capital Advisors since its founding in 1993 and he’s had a knack for making bold but true predictions in the private equity alternative investments world. Barron’s made note of some of these predictions and highlighted them in their Magazine. It’s no secret that Argentina’s economy faced a lot of chaos when former President Cristina Fernandez deKirchner led the default on its sovereign debt, but under new President Mauricio Macri the nation started becoming profitable, and Dondero had invested in several bonds down there that netted profits in 2015. He also had invested in Vistra Energy which had just about gone under and become unsalvageable, but Dondero saw an opportunity to buy its debt and soon turned it into a profitable company.

James Dondero has come to know the ins and outs of private equity investing since becoming a portfolio manager at American Express. He received his undergraduate degree at the University of Virginia and then enrolled in American Express’s Morgan Guaranty training program to become a chartered financial analyst. He spent several years at American Express before taking over as the Managing Director of Protective Life Insurance Company’s GIC subsidiary. He grew this company from scratch all the way to over $2 billion in assets under management. He later bought out the shares and renamed it to Highland Capital Management.

Dondero is probably most known for offering collateralized loan obligations at Highland Capital. These are basically high-yield but high-risk bonds that have a pool of investors that can offset losses with safer gains. Dondero has brought diverse options for investors at Highland Capital with funds ranging from high-yield credit, distressed situations, long and short-term equity, healthcare and fixed income. He’s expanded Highland Capital into offices in Manhattan and Sao Paulo, Brazil. He’s on the boards of Nexpoint Advisors, Nexbank, CSC Medical, MGM Studios and Cornerstone Healthcare. He’s also involved in charity organizations and recently made a grant to the Dallas domestic violence shelter known as The Family Place. He’s also hosted events to honor military members and support local law enforcement officers.


Jason Hope is flying high over airlines’ IoT use.

To futurist and Tech.co contributor Jason Hope, the Internet of Things provides 21st century businesses with a game changing technology that can revolutionize the way people interact with their environment. To the average person, the IoT currently means the ability to control their lights or TV with their cell phone. It’s already much more than that though. Jason Hope discussed about the airline industry’s multitude of applications with Wings Journal. Airlines have integrated the IoT’s bluetooth beacon technology into virtually every aspect of the travel experience to improve safety, customer experience, and fuel efficiency. The beacon is a transmitter that allows communication between objects and people.

Virgin Atlantic Airlines

Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic Airline uses IoT technology to improve passenger and crew safety. Beacons connect each part of its fleet of Boeing 787s to a wireless network transmitting real-time performance data that is immediately analyzed. If a part indicates poor performance in flight, the plane lands to find a crew of mechanics waiting with the appropriate replacement part. It also tracks scheduled maintenance automatically. Beacons monitor safety items on the plane, too, such as toolboxes and life jackets.

JetBlue Airways

JetBlue leverages beacons to make navigating the airport easier. It issues boarding passes by e-mail and makes seat assignments 24 hours before takeoff, based on the customer’s prior flight choices. If you enable it, beacons will also guide you through the airport, even recognizing if you get lost and providing you with directions to your gate. On lengthy layovers, the system suggests restaurants and stores in the airport you might enjoy based on prior travel data.

Delta Air Lines and Lufthansa

Delta wants to help you ensure your pet enjoys its flight, too. Its pet-tracking service lets a passenger check in on their dog or cat in-flight. The system provides information on the humidity, light, and temperature in the pet cargo area.Both Delta and Lufthansa use beacons for better baggage handling. Now your baggage won’t travel to the Bahamas without you. They’re already improving the system. Soon, your baggage will route itself to you on the carousel you’re standing closest to in baggage claim, Hope explained.

Air Asia

Air Asia found a way to help the environment, save fuel, and improve flight safety. It implemented a GE Aviation technology that optimizes fuel efficiency. The system monitors the auxiliary power units, navigation routes, terrain conditions, trajectory, weather and other data. In-flight automated analysis creates and implements the optimal flight scenario.Technology research firm Gartner Inc. forecasts that by 2020 the IoT will connect 25 billion things. Hope wants each of them to benefit you. He sees such a bright future for so many applications of the IoT, he’s put his money where his mouth is. He committed $500,000 to the SENS Foundation, a non-profit organization founded in 2009 to research and comprehensively address age-related disease. Its research and technology developments help people live longer, healthier lives.

Sawyer Howitt, the Promising Entrepreneur Who Is Defying All Odds

Sawyer Howitt is a promising entrepreneur based in Portland. He is currently the project manager at the Meriwether Group. The company provides funding for startups in different industries and helps them grow and establish themselves in the market. In his role as project manager, he oversees various projects to ensure timely completion and that objectives are met. Despite his young age and little experience in the field, he is very good at his job and has learnt a lot of skills on the job. Some of these include taking notes during meetings, making presentations, doing complex data analysis, and preparing reports.

Sawyer Howitt recently graduated from Lincoln High School in Portland, and is currently a student at Columbia University studying entrepreneurial finance. He discovered his passion for business and finance at a very young age and with his father, David Howitt, as his business mentor, he is already making great strides in his career. Sawyer Howitt has a heart for philanthropy. He has worked with a number of charitable organizations that support education and fight for women’s rights. He also mentors youths who are in difficult situations.

Prior to joining the Meriwether Group, Sawyer Howitt worked with RFID Checkout as a business strategy analyst and KURE Juice Bar as a customer service representative. Besides school and his job at the Meriwether Group, Sawyer Howitt is also a talented racquetball player. He plays for the Oregon Racquetball Club, and is among the best in Portland. He has a blog through which he shares his experiences as a racquetball player and gives people tips on how to excel at racquetball. Sawyer also loves photography and has another blog on which he shares his photos.


Sawyer Howitt is surely going places with his entrepreneurial spirit. Juggling a corporate job and school, running two blogs, and playing for a local team all at once is no mean feat, but Sawyer Howitt is excelling at all these, and making a pretty penny while at it. He is a true inspiration to many young people who think they are limited by their age and lack of experience. He has proven that determination, discipline, and resilience is all it takes to excel in whatever you are passionate about.

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Jason Hope entrepreneurial live

Jason is one of the most influential people when it comes to technology and other affiliated segments. Apart from that, he is also a business person who has a good brand in the market. Jason has been participating in a wide range of activities in the market. He has been creating content about some of the goods being offered in this market. By doing that, consumers are now using his know-how to come up with some of the best products on the market.

One of his article about tech has gained popularity among many players in the segment. The article extensively explains how the platform operates and how best players need to improve it in the future. With the creation of efficiency, an institution offering the goods and also the users will benefit from it. Efficiency facilitates reduction in the cost of operation while promoting the quality of service being offered by the property.

The use of data has been of great help in optimizing the quality of service being rendered by the property. The facilities we are using at the moment do not provide the quality of service needed due to limited information it’s exposed. So as to achieve the needed level of utility one need to interconnect all his gadgets. They will be able to learn from each other and thus providing optimum utility out of it. As Jason explains although this may take time, it will be the greatest revolution we have ever achieved.

Jason has also been participating in other activities besides from being one of the best tech reviews. He is now participating in a number of philanthropic activities. With his aim of facilitating availability better medical support, he has been offering financial support to a number of firms. One of the organizations which have greatly benefited from his donation includes SENS. This an entity which focuses on getting a better way of offering anti-ageing medical support to its customers. The institution has also been getting financial support from a wide range of expatriates mainly because of their ambitious project which will be revolutionary.


The Brown Agency – Well-Known agency in Texas

The Brown Agency is a modeling and commercial talent agency that was started in Austin, Texas, in the spring of 2010. The Brown Agency grew quite rapidly in the industry, and became the leader in the market with a common goal to establish high standards and huge expectations. The Brown Agency has worked with some of the biggest brands on the market such as Louis Vuitton, Dell, Loreal, Toyota and many other well-known companies in the industry. Some of the most famous models have graced the runways of some of the most prominent fashion shows. Austin Fashion Week, Dallas Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week and Miami Swim Week are just a handful that has been produced. Justin Brown, who is the President of The Brown Agency, takes great pride in developing the best agency on the market. He states that “we are only as good as our talent.” He stands by his team with a professional, yet elegant talent that holds a dependability like no other in the Austin area.

In October of 2015, Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South have joined The Brown Agency, which now makes the agency the only full-service agency in the Austin, Texas area. The re-launch of the newest companies has produced a broader spectrum and portfolio for clients and models across the country. The agency will remain headquartered in Austin where there will be several offices in Dallas and in Los Angeles. Michael B. Bonnee, who serves as Heyman Talent-South founder will be responsible for the theatrical division of The Brown Agency. He exhibits many years of experience and will bring a pristine amount of knowledge to the agency. Merging together has become an integral part of the growth strategy’s entirety. They are fully committed to serving the talents and interests of all clients. Both agencies have a reputation of providing and selecting the best clients and dependable talents. The combination of talents and expertise will definitely make the opportunity very exciting. The financial details of the agreement are behind the scenes, and are being handled by both agencies.

In a report by Market Wired, as the leading talent agency in central Texas, The Brown Agency is proud to provide the services for commercial talent and pristine modeling. The agency provides a wide array of talent options and talent exposure to some of the largest brands on the market, and is proud to continue to provide the services by merging with one of the most prominent companies on the market. The Brown Agency will continue to enhance the market with a full line of talent that is dedicated and fully motivated to make the best efforts possible. Their well-known name and expert staff will ensure that the commitment and strategy are worth every penny put forth towards the agencies market.

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Anthony Petrelo, Master Planner

Anthony Petrello; CEO, president, and Chairman of the Board for Nabors industries; did not begn his career in the oil business. Instead, after earning his law degree from Harvard, he joined law firm Baker & McKenzie with a focus on international arbitration, taxation, and corporate law. In 1986 he served as the managing partner until his resignation in 1991. Prior to focusing on law Anthony Petrello was a student at Yale earning a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Mathematics.

Despite taking on multiple roles at Nabors Industries, Petrello still serves as a director for law firm Stewart & Steveson LLC and Hilcorp Energy Company.

At Nabors Industries, Petrello is in charge of planning, this allows for the company to both adapt and make a profit. Through Petrellos direction, Nabor Ind. is able to claim the title of the largest land based drilling fleet as well as being ahead in the offshore drilling industry. Through Nabors’ success, the company is able to provide a safe environment for their employees as well as assure that all environmental protocols are followed. Nabor’s also provides educational programs for the areas where they work as well as other charitable activities. Here are just a few examples of how Nabors Industries gives back to society.

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure is a foundation that raises awareness, and continues to search for a cure for breast cancer. In 2012 Nabors Industries became a Silver Level contributor by donating $20,000. Since 2008 Nabors Industies has also sponsored mentor programs that support educational programs in the public scool system. Nabors Industries provides financial support to the Wounded War Heroes by sponsoring the 2012 Wounded War Heroes Fishing Rodeo in Louisianna. They also sent two specaiily selected team members to represent their company based on their safety record and performance. Just three examples that are part of a staggering list of charities that Nabors Industries donates to in both time and funds.