Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund Gives Hope To People Of The Hispanic Community In America

Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin are two individuals who are working to help all those who have had wrongful convictions put upon them. They are the founders of the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund which is an organization that funds people who belong to the Hispanic community in the United States. Since its inception, the foundation has helped numerous people, helping them seek their proper justice.

In America, a lot of people have to face discrimination on a day to day basis because of individual differences that may or may not necessarily define them. For some reason, certain members of society see others as inferior to them, because of certain characteristics that make them different from them.

Discrimination by nationality is something that happens on a regular basis but is something no one should be proud of. Discrimination against a citizen of the country, either emotionally or physically, is punishable by law. But what happens when the people who are supposed to protect the people and enforce these laws are the ones who are committing the hate crimes in the first place.

Almost everyone belonging to a minority community in the country has experienced some or the other form of discrimination. Even if it is as simple as someone calling you a racial slur on the street, it is still acting on hate crimes against a race. Read more: Phoenix New Time and Michael Larcey | Crunchbase

However, more often than not, when a dangerous situation of a hate crime arises, people don’t have the means to be able to stand on their own two feet and fight the people who are causing this to them.

It’s even worse if the people creating this are big influential members of the judicial system, like in the case of Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin. Lucky for them, they had the means to be able to fight the battle and take down one of the most well-known sheriffs in the country at the time, but a lot of people aren’t as privileged as them.

Lacey and Larkin, therefore, decided that it was time to do their bit for the Hispanic community, and give people the tools to help them win the fight against racial discrimination.

Just like how landmark events have an impetus, the formation of this organization too was a result of something that Lacey and Larkin had to experience on a first-hand basis. Living in Arizona, they were writers at a media agency and regularly wrote about judicial systems and the criminals that were being caught in the state.

Joe Arpaio was, of course, a well-known figure to them at the time, because he had put so many illegal immigrants away in the state of Arizona. But a lot of these people claimed actually to be innocent of the crimes, and people started suspecting Joe Arpaio of being a person who was taking out his racial hatred on them.

After the report was published, Lacey and Larkin were arrested and had to fight a court case, which they eventually won, all because of their writing.

Smart Homes: How Todd Luber is Actualizing every home Owner’s dreams

The Real Estate business happens to be more byzantine than what meets the eye. Contrary to popular belief, real estate isn’t just about building good homes, offices, and warehouses and advertising for people to move in. It’s more of coming up with sophisticated designs that will result in houses that will satisfy the owner’s needs in the best way possible. And that is why Smart Homes have become all the rage in the Real Estate world.

Using Smart Home Technology, a home owner can access almost, if not all, of the functions in their homes through their tablets/smartphones, transmitting commands via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The idea of Smart Homes came about as a result of home owners being tired of recurring problems that no Real Estate developer at the time showed any interest in fixing. Visit Inspirery to know more.

A Smart Home not only gives the home owner the safety and comfort they diverse but also goes an extra mile in doing so. For instance, your toilet will take samples of your stool and send information to your doctor for analysis if you are sick without your knowledge.

Apart from having your smart toilets wishing you nothing but good health every time you take a leak (pun intended), you can turn off a stove or a running tap with a simple tap on your smart phone from miles away. You can also have popular systems such as Alexa or Siri installed in your home as personal assistants, making your work a tad easier. Most people have seen such systems in sci-fi movies, but now, smart homes are actualizing it, making it a reality to the amazement of the populace.

Other scintillating features that can be found in a good home include Lutron Automatic Window Shades, Nest Thermostats, Caseta Wireless Smart Lighting that adjusts itself depending on the time of the day it is. In short, the possibilities when it comes to smart homes are seemingly endless. And it goes without saying that a lot of people, both young and old, are bound to welcome the idea of Smart Homes with both hands if they haven’t already.

Todd Lubar, the President of Global Ventures as well as Legendary Investments is also interested in making the Smart Homes venture even better than it currently is, terming it as the future of real estate. Being the guru that he is, Todd is always looking for smart ways of improving and making the idea of Smart Homes to accessible to everyone instead of keeping it a luxury reserved only for the wealthy.

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OSI Group And Their Improved Food Ordering System

OSI Group is one of the largest employers in the world, and it is a strong company that creates great food from fresh ingredients. They have built a large business that is based on the pillars of quality and service.

They ship fresh food to their clients every day to help them cook in large cafeterias, and they have shown that they have a plan that serves all clients. This article explains how OSI Group is growing, how they are building a better business and how they are changing lives.

#1: They Make Fresh Foods

OSI Group send fresh foods made with good ingredients to all their customers, and they have a large shipping network that will get everything to their clients.

OSI Group clients are making large orders online, and they are ensuring that every client receives the exact order they need in the fastest time possible.

#2: They Are Growing

Baho Foods and Tyson Foods have sold plants to OSI Group, and the company is using both of these facilities to make better food. They are working quite hard to be responsible with their resources, and they want to show the public that they are doing more to care for the planet. Each food they make is kinder to the planet when it is shipped.

#3: They Employ Many People

The OSI Group employs many people, and they have one of the largest work forces in the world. They believe that they must employ their staff in the best way possible, and they want to pay good wages to a staff that makes the best food. They are creating a better environment for success.

Anyone may invest in OSI Group foods when they need to feed their customers, and online ordering is available. This company ensures that all their products are of the highest quality.

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Insight to the Life and Career of Matthew Autterson

Matthew Autterson is a highly respected businessman among the Colorado business community. His inclination in the business world was first nurtured during his school life. After high school, Mr. Autterson went to Michigan State University where he studied B.A in Finance. Later, he enrolled at the University of Denver. At this university, he undertook the Graduate Tax Program that helped sharpen his entrepreneurial skills. After completing the program, Autterson career began at First Trust Corporation. He left the company in 1982 and joined a team that sought to charter a new Colorado trust company. Four years later, he rose to the position of President at the enterprise. In 1989, Broad Inc. acquired Resource Trust Company. Broad Inc. would then become Sun America. In 1998, Sun America was absorbed by AIG at a price of $ 18 billion.


Matthew is a board member at various institutions. He is, however, mostly associated with his membership at the board of Falci Adaptive Biosystems (FAB). FAB is a nonprofit organization that has dedicated its work to help people with neuromotor problems. The company aims at helping the affected individuals increase their ability to control and interact with the surrounding environment. Due to his status as a leader in the business community of Colorado, He serves at FAB as a representation of his philanthropic interests. His philanthropy is evident in the several board membership role held at Denver Zoo, Denver Zoological Foundation, Webb-Warring Foundation, and Denver Hospice where he was the chairman. Additionally, he served as a member of the Young Presidents Organization and WPO. Today, Mr. Matthew Autterson is a board member and C.E.O of CNS Bioscience Inc. The foundation of the institution was spearheaded by Scott Falci. The enterprise deals with the development of clinical-stage drugs which seeks to address neuropathic pain.


A look at his social media profile in Facebook, Mathew Autterson lives in Cherry Hills Village, Colorado. However, he is from Detroit Michigan. He attended Brother Rice High School. On twitter, Autterson engages the audience with several encouragement quotes. Additionally, he uses this avenue to tell the world of his future business plans. He uses this channel to give business tips to aspiring investors.

Success Academy teaching methods give advantages other methods do not

When it comes to New York city’s Success Academy, the charter school network just about everyone in New York State has heard of, it is often their teaching methods that are talked about.


After all, when a charter school network has only been in existence for 11 years, but already has a large number of students from low-income backgrounds that are testing very high on state standardized tests, they must be doing something right.


What these teaching methods are, however, not many people seem to know. What Success Academy students do in their classrooms all day is also something else people wonder about.


So how do Success Academy schools teach their students, what do they study all day, and how has the Academy’s teaching methods caused such a shift in how well their students now do on standardized tests?


Success Academy teaching methods encompass two main things. First, a strict disciplinary model that does not tolerate any bad behavior in class or in the school at all — from students, teachers and parents alike, it needs to be stressed.


Second, the schools teach students that education is fun. That learning is hard work but can be enjoyed and that, if they are given the right tools, they can succeed.


These tools are a small amount of teacher-led instruction every day, followed by students working on group projects on a hands-on basis, and with access to some of the best equipment and resources of any school in the country.


Students are also taught critical thinking skills, how to problem solve and self-confidence in their own abilities to succeed. Self-advocacy is also key in their educational development.


Core subjects at Success Academy schools are quite difficult, with English, math and science being the main three, followed by other just as difficult subjects like debate, chess, geography, history and culture.


Electives like sport, dance and theater are also offered, and children can choose the ones they are the most interested in.


Children are then taught in an environment that mandates hard work, the ability to re-do anything they first failed at and one that rewards success.


No wonder Success Academy students do so well. With these types of teaching methods, any child could.

Petroleum Company Cotemar Could Be a Modern Mexican Hero

The environment elicits strong responses when we talk about natural resources and caring for them responsibly.  The Mexican petroleum corporation known as Cotemar is at today’s forefront in offshore drilling, shipping supplies, specialized vessels, etc.  The corporation was founded in 1979 in Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico.  Read more: Cotemar | Elmanana

Most all of their offshore work is done at remote ocean platforms, and often these work sites on these platforms need maintenance or overhauling, which Cotemar services provides.  It is known as a successful business which is cutting edge in the industry, and it has numerous aspects that put it at the top of the petroleum field, both with its employees and the public at large.

At their facilities on site, Cotemar has the supplies for storage areas and pre-manufactured equipment, diving supplies for survey and overhauling work for their semi-submersible platforms, important catering and accommodation services (food preparation, laundry, and ironing), and even recreational amenities such as gyms, basketball/sports courts, movie theaters, and television rooms.

This company even has firefighting services and hydrocarbon spill clean-up services.  Employees who have given their evaluations of working for Cotemar have said complimentary things regarding their time with the company.  One contractor who has been working with the company for over three years said in an interview that he felt that they really cared about their employees, pointing out that his work and life balance has been good while employed there, which translates, he said to a good workplace morale.

He also noted a strong salary scale and excellent compensation packages at Cotemar.  This reviewer/employee was pleased to discover plentiful and rewarding contracts with the Mexican petroleum giant Pemex.

Many business experts have duly noticed that Cotemar is playing a huge role in the world of petroleum industry sustainability.  It is playing, as a matter of fact, one of the key roles in the silent petroleum revolution in Mexico.

The oil and gas industry owes Cotemar gratitude for its service contributions in the areas of standards and quality (see  Cotemar Mexico does not just assist the industry within the borders of its own country; it has worked with oil and gas giants around the globe, a trend that makes them a petroleum global leader.

They strive for sustainability in every aspect of its operations through increased participation within the production process.  Cotemar is at the leading edge and has no plans to recede.

How Bob Reina Launched A Successful Technology Company

It was in 2007 that Bob Reina established Talk Fusion, a company which provides businesses with a way to use video to market their products in a number of ways ( He is the Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion and oversees its day to day operations. His company’s first product on the market was Video Email which enables people and businesses to send videos embedded in their emails regardless of their email service providers. Over the years he and his team have added other products that they offer.

Bob Reina spent a decade working as a police officer. He wanted to establish his own business where he wasn’t limited to what his paycheck provided. He learned about the network marketing industry one day while working which created a spark for him. Setting up a network marketing company means bringing in other people who can independently sell your products which benefits them and the company they are providing their services to. Over a number of years Reina set up a number of companies using this business philosophy but, for one reason or another, each failed. Learn more at about Bob Reina.

It was in 2004 while doing a house tour in North Carolina that inspiration struck. He had taken a video of the home which he wanted to share with his family back home in Florida. He couldn’t figure out any way to email the video so he contacted his provider, AOL. They informed him that what he was trying to do couldn’t be done. Bob Reina instantly perceived that this was a problem which he could provide a solution to and build a company around. He contacted one of his good friends, Dr. Jonathan Chen, who was very experienced in IT. Together they developed Video Email and launched the company in 2007. Learn more:

Bob Reina has found a great deal of success with Talk Fusion. As a philanthropist, he believes it is his duty to give back to others. He especially enjoys providing money to animal charities around the world. He has also helped in smaller, more personal ways such as paying for the groceries of a woman ahead of him in line who’s credit card was declined. Learn more: