Petroleum Company Cotemar Could Be a Modern Mexican Hero

The environment elicits strong responses when we talk about natural resources and caring for them responsibly.  The Mexican petroleum corporation known as Cotemar is at today’s forefront in offshore drilling, shipping supplies, specialized vessels, etc.  The corporation was founded in 1979 in Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico.  Read more: Cotemar | Elmanana

Most all of their offshore work is done at remote ocean platforms, and often these work sites on these platforms need maintenance or overhauling, which Cotemar services provides.  It is known as a successful business which is cutting edge in the industry, and it has numerous aspects that put it at the top of the petroleum field, both with its employees and the public at large.

At their facilities on site, Cotemar has the supplies for storage areas and pre-manufactured equipment, diving supplies for survey and overhauling work for their semi-submersible platforms, important catering and accommodation services (food preparation, laundry, and ironing), and even recreational amenities such as gyms, basketball/sports courts, movie theaters, and television rooms.

This company even has firefighting services and hydrocarbon spill clean-up services.  Employees who have given their evaluations of working for Cotemar have said complimentary things regarding their time with the company.  One contractor who has been working with the company for over three years said in an interview that he felt that they really cared about their employees, pointing out that his work and life balance has been good while employed there, which translates, he said to a good workplace morale.

He also noted a strong salary scale and excellent compensation packages at Cotemar.  This reviewer/employee was pleased to discover plentiful and rewarding contracts with the Mexican petroleum giant Pemex.

Many business experts have duly noticed that Cotemar is playing a huge role in the world of petroleum industry sustainability.  It is playing, as a matter of fact, one of the key roles in the silent petroleum revolution in Mexico.

The oil and gas industry owes Cotemar gratitude for its service contributions in the areas of standards and quality (see  Cotemar Mexico does not just assist the industry within the borders of its own country; it has worked with oil and gas giants around the globe, a trend that makes them a petroleum global leader.

They strive for sustainability in every aspect of its operations through increased participation within the production process.  Cotemar is at the leading edge and has no plans to recede.

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