How Madison Street Capital Has Created a Good Image

Many businesses around the world seek financial advice from Madison Street Capital. Not only does the firm make good investment decisions, it also advices corporations on mergers and complex business transactions. Successfully providing these services over the years, has earned Madison Street Capital reputation in the corporate world.


Madison Street Capital has received several awards


Madison Street Capital has received numerous awards for its contribution to the business world. In 2015, MSC’s co-founder, Anthony Marsala, received an Under 40 award from the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts. The program recognized Marsala as a young business leader who had accomplished a lot in mergers and valuations.


In 2016, Madison Street Capital was also recognized as a top advisor by the financial professionals .The group gave MSC the ‘M&A Advisor Award’ which recognizes firms that manage to set up commendable restructuring deals. Additionally, Madison Street Capital beat more that 300 firms to win a Turnaround award for its success in 2016’s best restructuring transaction under $25 million. Learn more:


Madison Street Capital has successfully helped corporate


Madison Street Capital has helped several organizations grow. At the beginning of 2014, MSC assisted Vital Care industries, a medical Product manufacturer, acquire a loan from a suitable lender. MSC also helped ‘DCG Software Value’ navigate its merger with ‘The Spitfire Group.’ DCG provided software support services for over 20 years in Britain and Pennsylvania.


Another notable venture that MSC has worked on is ARES Security Corporation’s investment transaction. ARES Security Corporation, a Vienna based security risk management company, provides end-to-end security software solutions. The company partnered with Corbel Structured Equity Partners who provided minority recapitalization. President of ARES security, Ben Eazzetta, said he was delighted to have worked with Madison Street Capital on this and other projects. He lauded them for their due diligence, valuation analysis and capital raising process. Simply put, Madison Street Capital’s work speaks for itself. Learn more:


MSC’s charity causes enhance its reputation


In 2011, the Madison Street Capital donated funds to victims of severe weather in Eastern and Midwestern U.S. MSC also contributes to several nonprofit organizations such as American Red Cross and encouraged others to do the same. These philanthropic activities have gone a long way in improving the firm’s image. Learn more:


About Madison Street Capital


With a team of professionals that are knowledgeable, experienced, and networked, Madison Street is one of the world’s first middle market investment banking firms. Madison Capital’s goal is to grow strong businesses in communities in the United States. By focusing on the needs of its customers and providing philanthropic support to organizations, the company works to make a difference in local and global communities.

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