The Early Life of Cassio Audi before Venturing into Finance

Long time ago before Cassio Audi ventured into finance, he was a member of a rock band known as Viper Rock Music Band. Together with four others, Andre, Yves, Pit, and Felipe, Cassio Audi formed the band in 1985. At a young age, Audi loved playing drums something that led him to a career in music. His talent on the drums earned the band a lot of recognition in the Brazilian music industry. Together with his friends, Audi worked tirelessly to create quality rock music to impress fans of rock music all over the world.

Most of the band’s songs were composed with much help from Cassio Audi. Some notable tracks that earned the band a huge follower base in Brazil include, Princess from Hell, Nightmare, and Killera. In his effort to ensure that the band received enough airplay, Cassio Audi worked hard to improve his drums skills. When it came to live performances, Cassio Audi was very instrumental. The band staged lots of shows in Europe and America entertaining fans.

The band’s first album, Soldiers of Sunrise, was released in 1987 with much help from Cassio Audi. Due to the excellent structuring of the album, fans received it very well. The band went ahead to perform tracks in the album in Brazil and the rest of the world. The rock music industry was astonished by the way Viper band could impress crowds despite singing in English, a second language. Audi’s proficiency on the drums and lead-singers’ smooth voices entertained crowds.

Viper band went ahead to release Theater of Fate, its second album in 1989. Most of the tracks in this album were composed by Audi. Again, the album was happily welcomed by rock music fans. Besides being talented, Cassio Audi’s band was extremely gifted. To keep fans excited, Cassio Audi ensured that he played the drums perfectly and uniquely.

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