End Citizens United Supports Huffington Post Article Findings

A recent article posted to Positive the Facts discussed a piece done by Huffington post regarding the ease with which foreign nationals are able to circumvent the election laws of the United States. The group End Citizens United believes that there are many valid points made by the Huffington Post article and that the continued revelations of Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential race may be the staunchest evidence of how desperate the U.S. is in need of sensible election reform.

The Huffington Post article points out that is was very easy for the Russians to influence the presidential election process because a system of allowance, and a culture of complacency has been fostered by those on the right. This allowed a company which has clear ties to the Kremlin to buy political ads and to also undertook the use of bots on social media to heavily influence voters for the benefit of their preferred candidate Donald Trump. The use of foreign money in the U.S. election process is forbidden, but that does not stop backdoors, loopholes, and underhanded dealings from allowing it anyway. It has been determined that through various means Russia was able to illegally spend more than $100,000 on a digital ad campaign to wrongfully discredit Hillary Clinton and her political allies. The use of fake news propaganda, targeted ads, social manipulation and other tactics subsequently allowed a billionaire with no experience and his circle of friends to seize control of the government despite clear indicators that the election was not up to par.

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End Citizens United, or ECU stands by the belief that the United States’ most important and precious freedom is the value of one person, one vote, and that government should be based on the premise that all citizens have an equal say. They fight the idea that the size of one’s bank account is a merit to the value that they have in the choosing of the country’s governance.

In addition, ECU believes that it is time for responsible and effective gun control law reform, campaign finance reform, election security reform, and most of all ending the authoritarian control that has been handed to ultra-conservative right-wing politicians by the special interest group Citizens United. As a Political Action Committee or PAC, End Citizens United is able to challenge the injustices that are done by others who would manipulate and cajole the American democratic process to their own means and gains.

Learn more about End Citizens United: http://releasefact.com/2017/09/end-citizens-united-endorses-randy-bryce-in-run-against-paul-ryan/

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