Rocketship Education Builds A Brighter Future For Communities

The achievement gap which is growing in the U.S. public school system between areas where students come from a middle or high-income family is growing with each passing year according to the leaders of Rocketship Education. In a bid to bridge the gap, former public school educators, Preston Smith and John Danner created a new charter school project, Rocketship Education which has set out to develop a new area of support for low-income communities who have the ability to build new areas of success across the nation.

Creating a stronger community is a major part of the work being completed by the leaders of each and every of the 20 Rocketship Education schools found in three states and the nation’s capital of Washington D.C. What sets Rocketship Education apart from its public school and charter school rivals is the desire to make sure the members of the school community have the chance to live and work together in a safe and secure environment.

Rocketship Education believes the home life of a student is just as important to the success of a member of the school as a stable and secure home environment assists in creating better habits for the future. The community within Rocketship Education has shown its strength in many different ways including the ability to explore the range of options open to families when a problem occurs in an area the charter school program operates in. Communities from across the three states Rocketship Education operates in came together when a series of floods struck San Jose, California, the home region of the charter school and caused problems for students attending the school.

The response of the Rocketship Education community was impressive and fast with students given the chance to still attend school to aid in keeping some stability in their lives through educational classes. Families with links to the Wisconsin and Tennessee Rocketship Education campuses were linked with charitable groups assisting with the problems in San Jose to make sure the aid they gave was used in the correct areas of the nation.

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