Why Southridge Capital is the Choice for Corporate Funding.

Leveraging future earnings for product enhancement or facility expansion is an important part of corporate financial management. It is also necessary that a company maintain liquidity for asset acquisition as well as funding available to keep up with the current pace of technology. Yet despite the importance of corporate funding companies are neglecting to enlist the services of an advisory and finance company such as Southridge Capital.

An expert in finance options for publicly traded companies, Southridge Capital has developed a comprehensive package of funding options that are customized to each individual company’s goals and strategies. In addition to assisting with a public stock issuance, Southridge Capital can also arrange a collaboration with creditors or aide a company in monetizing its inside shares with equity purchase agreements. Another option that provides more than just funding, a merger agreement, can offer a company additional benefits, including a further market reach and patent acquisition.

With its deep-dive financial analysis, which includes careful evaluation of a company’s future earning potential and scrutiny of the current market conditions, Southridge will help a company prepare a comprehensive financial evaluation that shows a company’s appropriate value and allow it to price its financial securities accordingly. Southridge Capital’s also offers Balance Sheet Optimization, which allows a company to capitalize on its assets. In addition to funding options, Southridge Capital is well versed in the legal requirements of publicly traded company financial packages and can prepare the required documentation to make sure the company maintains SEC compliance. You can visit their website southridge.com

With offices in Connecticut and New York, Southridge Capital’s team of advisers and fund managers have financed more than 250 public companies, maintaining a high standard of service since 1996. Southridge Capital’s expertise with the various funding options publicly traded companies have available to them allows a variety of funding options and makes sure that a company gets the funding it needs.

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