Lawrence Bender – Film Producers and Torch of Liberty Recipient

Lawrence Bender, born in The Bronx and raised in New Jersey, is one of America’s greatest film producers. Bender began a career as a civil engineer, earning a degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Maine. He has worked on class films such as Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, and Inglourious Basterds. Bender worked with Tarantino on Tarantino’s first movie and has worked on a majority of Tarantino’s work. He was also a producer for the hit television show Nancy Drew, among others.

From Dust til Dawn

Lawrence Bender is partially responsible for the production of From Dust Til Dawn and all of its sequels. These movies are about a bar owned and operator by vampires. The cast of the original movie consists of big names in Hollywood such as Salma Hayek, George Clooney, and Harvey Keitel. Quentin Tarantino also has a leading role in the film.

From Dusk til Dawn 2 features Robert Patrick, Bo Hopkins, and Danny Trejo.

From Dusk til Dawn 3 has a cast that consists of Marco Leonardi, Michael Parks, and Ara Celi. Danny Trejo makes appearances in all three movies.

The movie series has since been spun-off into a television show on Robert Rodriguez’s El Rey network.


Intruder was an early film produced by Lawrence Bender. Mr. Bender is also listed as one of the writers of the film. The movie is a typical slasher film. After the announcement of the closing of a local supermarket, a killer is on the loose. One by one, someone is taking out the employees of the night shift. The film stars Elizabeth

Cox, Dan Hicks, and Renee Estevez. Burce Campbell makes a brief appearance in the film.

More About Lawrence Bender

Lawrence Bender also contributes to altruistic goals, hosting charitable parties and fundraisers in Los Angeles. He was once honored by the ACLU with the Torch of Liberty Award. This award is given to individuals to honor them for their efforts in humanitarian related activities.

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