Team Alliances and Unification Helps Mike Baur Stand Out as an Effective Leader

It wasn’t long ago that Mike Baur was a seasoned investment banker going through the normal motions in the corporate sector. However, that proved to be too much of a tradition without enough passion for Mike to accept. In 2014, Mike decided to take a risk and co-founded Swiss Startup Factory with his trusted business partner, Max Meister. Within only four years, Swiss Startup Factory has risen to the number one spot for a startup accelerator program in Switzerland.


Swiss Startup Factory is highly regarded as being the select choice for as many as 1,000 applications each year from entrepreneurs looking to advance their business idea. The company provides thriving digital entrepreneurs with the office space needed to conduct essential business throughout each phase of the program as well as investment consulting and mentoring. “My passion was opening a Swiss high-level network to the best Swiss startup champions who really deserve it,” says Mike. Mike also participates in the mentoring and development phases within the teams. The program last for three months.


As an independent and fully privately funded company, Swiss Startup Factory has a non-traditional method towards helping entrepreneurs achieve their business objective as a startup. While Mike was conducting business as an investment banker, it was clear to him that there were obstacles blocking the opportunities for startups. His goal since starting the company has been to do whatever he can to alleviate those obstacles. Mike says that he wants to “create the next big Swiss company.”


Mike is adamant about working together as a team. He has a strong belief in assembling a diverse group of individuals who add unique and contrasting skill sets to each team. Swiss Startup Factory also has an advisory board. The company announced two new members in April – Dr. Patrick Aebischer and David Allemann. Mike said, “We are delighted and honored to welcome Patrick and David in our advisory board. Both personalities with their unique entrepreneurial history and outstanding business track record have shown how to position Switzerland’s best products on the world markets.”


Mike is not just all business. He is a huge sports fan. When Mike’s not operating at full capacity with his passion for business, he is at full throttle with supporting the Fribourg Gottéron hockey team. It’s fair to say that Mike’s energetic and enthusiastic passion doesn’t allow him to go half-throttle on anything meaningful to the 42-year old. Mike is also a passionate follower of the Swiss ATP tour and all the tennis pros associated with the sport. “What fascinates me most is how close the DNA of a top sports professional and a top startup team is,” says Mike.


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