Andy Wirth’s New Appointment

Andy Wirth is the president and CEO of a resort in Northern California, known as Squaw Valley. He was appointed to this position several years ago, and he has made the resort one of the best in the region.

After his appointed to this position, Andy Wirth had to deal with a lot of challenges. Lake Tahoe region did not experience enough rains for a long time. This drought affected the resorts in the area, and the small businesses that depended on the resorts.

Apart from the lack of rains, the area also faced political instability. Some individuals in the area wanted Olympic Valley to be incorporated. The incorporation idea brought a lot of division in the area. The incorporation would lead to the business paying huge taxes, something they did not want.

Andy Wirth and his Squaw Valley team had to spend a lot of money trying to oppose the incorporation. After a lot of struggle, the group dropped their ideas, and Lake Tahoe was stable again. This year, the area experienced enough rains, thanks to Mother Nature. The resorts were able to open before their normal time.

Andy Wirth is working hard to ensure that the community is well developed. He has made plans to build more houses for the tourists and construct better roads. This will idea will attract more visitors to the resort.  Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Just recently, the Squaw Valley CEO got a new position. He was chosen to be the chairman of Reno Tahoe Airport Authority Board. Andy was appointed by the RSCVA board, and he is expected to enhance travelling in the region. Andy is talented and well experienced, and the RSCVA team is sure that he the right person for the job. In the past, Andy had an opportunity to work with different airlines, so he will use the experienced he gained to help the region.

As the chairman of the Reno Tahoe Airport Authority, the squaw valley CEO will be representing RSCVA and help to boost the travel economy of the region. Better air services are very important for the skiing industry, business and gaming community in Lake Tahoe.