Luciana Lossio Rises To Lead Electoral Court

The electoral court of Brazil is a place where the Brazilian people receive fair judgement of electoral processes. There are a lot of cases that come up every year having to do with fair elections, and it is important for people to remember that some has to run that court. Luciana Lossio has been named as the new leader of that court, and she is a young woman who is primed to lead the court for decades into the future.

Luciana Lossio started her law career out of school working with the electoral court, and she became one of the early superstars of the court. She was someone that everyone could look up to, and she was someone that everyone thought would become a judge one day. Having a woman at the head of the court makes sure that Brazil will be able to make progressive decisions, and it will help Brazil gain some respect from other countries around the world. These countries want to know that the Brazilians are thinking on the same line as them, and Luciana Lossio will help the country start to take the progressive turn that could bring it another Olympic Games and another World Cup.

The electoral court has to deal with many cases every year that deal with the fairness of their elections. All elections in Brazil have to remain fair so that the people in the cities and the country get the same kind of representation. There are large agricultural areas that need to be taken care of, and there are areas of the country that need to be given a chance to get representatives who will protect them.

The elections process will be watched over by Luciana Lossio every day of her new career, and she is one of the new young women who are starting to take over the country of Brazil. She is a sign that the youth of the country are ready for the mantle of power, and she is an educated woman who shows all girls in the country that they can become a chief judge just like her.

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