Brian Torchin and His Ability To Connect Medical Professionals To The Right Job

When it comes to locating the right position in the Medical field, professionals can count on good advice from Brian Torchin. There are many ways to make a good living in medicine and he knows them all. It is a fact that many professionals could spend years searching for their specialty, and too many of them get “burnt out” in the hunt for that perfect job. Brian understands this, and his company HCRC Staffing is dedicated to solving this issue before it has the chance to morph into burn out.

Once Brian Torchin received his Bachelor’s of Exercise Science at the University of Delaware he spent many years putting it to good use in the chiropractic field of medicine. The more time he spent working, the more he realized how hard it was to find just the right fit in a job involving the medical profession. Brian began to see the need for a company to match the right person to the perfect job and HCRC Staffing came into being. He is a busy man these days, still practicing medicine but also helping others to find satisfaction in their chosen fields.

Often, openings in the medical profession aren’t even listed publicly, and so Brian Torchin made it his mission to connect hospitals, clinics, any job in the medical profession with people qualified for the job. Many of his peers even now are enjoying the fruits of his labor. It’s safe to say that his company HCRC Staffing has more than met its goal, and his innovative idea continues to move forward helping others.

Brian well understands the frustration of looking for employment one knows they are qualified for and yet can’t locate. When jobs aren’t listed publicly, what’s a person to do? Best advice is to skip the “job search headache” and proceed directly to HCRC Staffing where one can expect to find all the help they need locating employment. Visiting his office is time well spent and avoids many frustrating hours online, or on foot searching for that perfect fit.