How Bob Reina Launched A Successful Technology Company

It was in 2007 that Bob Reina established Talk Fusion, a company which provides businesses with a way to use video to market their products in a number of ways ( He is the Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion and oversees its day to day operations. His company’s first product on the market was Video Email which enables people and businesses to send videos embedded in their emails regardless of their email service providers. Over the years he and his team have added other products that they offer.

Bob Reina spent a decade working as a police officer. He wanted to establish his own business where he wasn’t limited to what his paycheck provided. He learned about the network marketing industry one day while working which created a spark for him. Setting up a network marketing company means bringing in other people who can independently sell your products which benefits them and the company they are providing their services to. Over a number of years Reina set up a number of companies using this business philosophy but, for one reason or another, each failed.

It was in 2004 while doing a house tour in North Carolina that inspiration struck. He had taken a video of the home which he wanted to share with his family back home in Florida. He couldn’t figure out any way to email the video so he contacted his provider, AOL. They informed him that what he was trying to do couldn’t be done. Bob Reina instantly perceived that this was a problem which he could provide a solution to and build a company around. He contacted one of his good friends, Dr. Jonathan Chen, who was very experienced in IT. Together they developed Video Email and launched the company in 2007. Learn more:

Bob Reina has found a great deal of success with Talk Fusion. As a philanthropist, he believes it is his duty to give back to others. He especially enjoys providing money to animal charities around the world. He has also helped in smaller, more personal ways such as paying for the groceries of a woman ahead of him in line who’s credit card was declined. Learn more:

Anthony Petrello Great Contribution To Medical Research On Neurological Problems

As the President, Chairman and the CEO of Nabors, Anthony Petrello, and his wife use their wealth to support philanthropic initiatives in Texas. Anthony is committed to donating millions of dollars to medical research as well as taking membership in different boards across the US.

Anthony Petrello is extremely passionate about family. He is a proud father of a 20 years old daughter. Petrello has derived his big heart and commitment to charity from his daughter. Despite Anthony Petrello having a child suffering from neurological problems, he has demonstrated immense love for her. He has used a lot of resources seeking for solutions to the ailment.

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The challenges facing Carena Petrello triggered him to support various medical research looking forward to finding the cure for Periventricular Leukomalacia (PLV). Anthony took the initiative to donate his finances to ensure that the cure for the brain disease is found. His daughter’s condition motivated him to put his money in the search for a cure as a way of ensuring that no any other child born with PLV suffers. Besides, the aim was to allow all children to enjoy a normal life just like any other healthy kids.

Texas Children Hospital is some of the medical facilities that have benefited from Anthony Petrello philanthropy. This hospital is committed to helping numerous children suffering from neurological ailments. Jan and Duncan Neurological Research Institute is one of the centers within the hospital specializing in PLV and other neurological problems studies. Texas children hospital captured Anthony’s attention by attending to her daughter’s health needs. Consequently, he joined the board of trustees of the organization as a way of extending his philanthropic deeds to many more kids.

Anthony Petrello has also shown significant dedication to philanthropy through his leadership in Nabors Industries Limited. He has led the company to support series of runs aimed at helping raise money to cure people who have breast cancer as well as honoring patients who have recovered from it. Anthony and his team have a mentorship program in Nabors Limited to assist students to become future leaders. Nabors also donates money to empower these students to realize their full leadership potential after school.

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The Success of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is an individual with many different titles, achievements, as well as initiatives that have helped individuals all over the world that lack not only some of the most important essentials, but that also lack knowledge about some of the most complicated industries that continue to grow. Eric Pulier is an influential businessman, entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, as well as a father who has put all of his efforts to help others into making the future a better place for not only his children, but also for the many more generations to come. Eric Pulier has dedicated his entire career to growing businesses that help less fortunate individuals. These many businesses continue to generate money that is investment in more ventures to create new and innovative businesses that help others. This constant circle was created by Eric Pulier in order to make sure that everyone remains happy and everyone around the world gains something.


Eric Pulier has loved the combination of technology as well as business ever since he was a young boy. At the age of nine Eric Pulier put together his first computer and by the age of eighteen, Eric Pulier had created his first software business. These early on accomplishments later translated to his success as a businessman who has not only helped to create, but has also created 15 successful businesses that currently generate hundreds of millions of dollars on an annual basis to help fund many of the philanthropic activities that Eric Pulier has also created.


As a father, Eric Pulier has been especially intent on helping children who have been less fortunate and that have been born with illnesses that are often incurable. As a result, Eric Pulier has put a lot of time and effort into helping these children and has even built a platform to allow for children within hospitals to communicate with each other. Eric Pulier truly believes that children should not go through hardships alone and that it is important to provide them with someone to talk to who is also going through a similar situation with a similar condition.