Squaw Valley Water Statement- Public Safety Top Concern


In October, 2016, an unusually heavy rain fell at Squaw Valley and the surrounding area. In the days following that rain, it was discovered that the water from a newly installed water system was contaminated. High levels of E. coli and coliform bacteria. No individual has reported any type of illness from coming in contact with the water.

Immediately, health officials with Placer County was notified. The water system at Gold Coast and High Camp was quickly disabled. Bottled water was brought in to serve to guest. The facility remains open for everyone to enjoy.


Squaw Valley considers the safety of its guests paramount in all situations. They have not only worked with the Placer County representatives, but they have worked with other leading health officials. The system will not be reopened until every health official believes that it is safe to do so. We appreciate the trust that our guests continue to put in us. Top to bottom skiing is open. It will remain open as long as weather conditions allow.


The restaurants at the north end of Squaw Valley remain closed. Guests can find many other delicious options located nearby. The restaurants will not reopen until the water problems have been completely solved. While we understand that this causes a minor inconvenience, we want to ensure the public that we are taking all precautions.


We are so thankful for the great cooperation we have received from Placer County and the Squaw Valley Public Service District. We look forward to continuing to work with them until this issue is fully resolved.

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