Dr. Jennifer Walden: Great Surgeon, Great Person

It is one thing to be a great plastic surgeon. That is doing a great service for many people out there and it is quite special. That is nothing to sneeze at and that is nothing to overlook in the grand scheme of things. However, it is even more special when the person is a great person like Dr. Jennifer Walden. She is as great of a person as she is a surgeon, which really says something, because she is fantastic and everyone loves her. One of the attributes about her that really stands out is her authenticity. In reading interviews with her and seeing her on television, it is easy to see how real she is and how authentic she is.

There is not a phony bone in her bone. She is also an inspiration to women all over the world that are truly looking to do something special with their lives, no matter what their line of work is or what they are looking to do. Again, she is a great person, but she is also a tireless worker. She knows that anything in this life worth having comes with a cost. The cost is hard work and she works hard but she also works smart. She makes sure to make time for her children.

She also makes time for all of her patients that come into her office. She wants them to leave feeling like they had a great time with a great surgeon. They also have a plan in place. She never puts pressure on anyone to make a decision right then and right there. She allows them to decide for themselves what is the best course of action and what is going to work for them. She even tells them to take some time, think it over, and sleep on it.

After all, when it comes to plastic surgery, it is not something that someone can just do out of the blue without giving it careful thought and consideration. They need to make sure they really want to do it. One thing they can feel at ease about: if they decide to do it, they are in great hands.