The European Union’s Agreement With Turkey Is A Sign That A Collapse Is Coming According TO George Soros

Last November, the European Union entered into an agreement with Turkey that would in essence control the number of refugees that entered the Eurozone. That agreement immediately raised questions about the integrity of the EU. George Soros considers the agreement an assault on human liberties. The EU failed to include Lebanon and Jordan in the agreement, and they are the two countries that have been most affected by the exodus from Syria. The European Union gave Turkey 3 billion euros to reduce the flow of asylum-seeking refugees to Europe. George Soros has been very vocal about a potential European Union collapse, and the he believes this agreement confirms his suspicions.

Mr. Soros sat down with a German magazine and discussed the European Union and the events that could bring the EU down. The New York Review of Books also ran the interview on their website. In that interview, Soros said the EU is in trouble and rather than trying to fix their internal issues, the leaders of the EU are trying to buy their way of an unbuyable situation.

Anyone that knows or has read on Bloomberg TV about George Soros knows he is all business. lists Soros as the 32nd wealthiest person in the world, but that could change this year if his bet on shortening the Chinese yuan pays off. Soros has been saying that the European Union is going to collapse for a couple of years now, but what he is saying now is the collapse could happen this year because of the migration fiasco.

Turkey has a way of playing on both sides of a particular issue. Turkey has been discriminating against their Kurdish minority for years. The rest of the world hasn’t said much about it, but Soros has. Soros also knows that Turkey allows smugglers to make money from refugees that have nowhere to turn except to them. The EU has dropped to new human rights low by making an agreement with the Turks, according to Soros. He thinks the EU will regret that decision.

The actions taken by the EU shows a tremendous lack of respect for human suffering, and it proves that members of the EU would rather bribe than fix the migration crisis. The collapse of EU seems inevitable at this point. Soros thinks when the EU collapses, the fallout from that event will help push the world into a global recession. Soros also said the EU will have some help from the Chinese to make that world recession a reality.

Soros is not the only high-profile person to predict the demise of the EU. There’s been talk that the European Union was falling apart last year and the year before. But the continuing influx of migrants this year should push the EU over edge, according to Soros.